August 3, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - No Underlying Theme Edition

OK all, Wednesday Nibbles time.  A lot going on this week, so I'm gonna get right to it!

Got an email (or should I say gmail) from Kyle earlier this week.  You know Kyle...Compleat Thought Kyle...@kyleindenver Kyle....ever willing to organize a fly tying "Hangout" Kyle...  Yeah, that guy.  Well, he sent an invite on behalf of his group The Greenbacks | Colorado Trout Unlimited to pimp their summer challenge of "Clean Your River."
Does Al Snow know they found 'Head'?

Basically, you go out and pick up trash on your local river, stream, pond, whatever...and post some pictures to the Facebook Group Page HERE.  In doing so, not only does the environment win, but you have a chance of winning some swag from Simms.  Pretty sweet deal for something we should all probably be doing anyway!  Check it out...then get out trash pickin' if you know what I mean.  I can think of a local boat launch or two that could use some TLC.

I find enjoyment in watching idiots.  So should you...

An interesting event coming up in October is the first annual FlyStock - a weekend of fly fishing, music, & fun activities in which the proceeds go to benefit Project Healing Waters.  There's not a ton of information available at the moment other than the date (October 28th - 30th) and the location (Long's Fish Camp in Kingsland, TX), but if you've got access to get there, sounds like it will be a fun time.

If I were you I'd bookmark the website HERE, follow them on Twitter HERE, or do the Twitter #flystock thing to keep up to date as additional details come out.  I likely won't be able to make it (geographical handicap), but I'll definitely be ponying up for a "concert tee" or two when the time comes.  Love the logo!

Bacon Bacon Truck please come to my town...

This week's blog love is going to go to Finewater Fly Fishing.  I'm a bit of a newbie to this blog...even though it dates back to 2007 and makes interesting use of household pets.
Cat in your stripping basket?

I'll be carp kick ended up bringing me to this site.  As you know, I've been doing a lot of "research" (aka reading blogs about carp) this summer and this one...well...not only has had a lot of carp posts recently, but also found a way to sneak a T! sticker into one of them.  You had me at hello...hence the blog love.  That said, it's a really good read even without the sticker.  Check it out HERE and give it a follow if you don't mind.

Oh, and one last commercial....T! Party sticker pic updates HERE....35% off Fish Creek Spinners + free T! spinner coupon code 35percentT! HERE...BTW, is it Friday yet? amigos.


  1. I Wouldn't mind one bit if the bacon truck showed up in my town either.

  2. Hey Mike, Thanks for the blog love! Much appreciated.