August 31, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - It's My Thursday Edition

Hey..I got a's Wednesday...and if you were smart like me and took off this Friday to have a nice big Labor Day would really be your "Thursday" you like that....BTW...if you didn't take off on to your might  not be too late if you ask today...just sayin'....okay...enough of that...time for the Thursday Wednesday Nibbles...

Kinda sorry I missed that Tenkara Summit last week out in Montana.  100+ dudes talking about swinging their fairy wands and only using one fly...sounds awesome.  Except I'm not joking.  From some of the pics that have come out HERE and HERE I'm damn envious of those that attended.  Why do all of you out West get to have all the fun?  I mean Mr. Patagonia himself, Yvon Chouinard even made an appearance...holy balls!

Hurricane Irene came and went last weekend.  There's been a lot of jokes locally that it was a storm hyped by the media (namely news networks) for ratings.  I'm as cynical as the next guy...and maybe I didn't really need to run out and try to find D batteries...but last time I checked the death toll was 42.  That's not hype.  Also, tell these folks in Vermont that lost these bridges that the severity of the storm was fabricated.

I'd rather be cautiously forewarned than f*ck with Mother Nature.  When she's pissed she's pissed.  That said, I still can't stand that tool "Hurricane" Schwartz.

Sorry about that little bit of condescending writing....I don't know what got into me...back to fishing....

I typically dig what Loon Outdoors is up to.  They make some quality products with an environmental slant.  Then I see the "Nip and Sip" highlighted in Midcurrent as a Best in Show from the recent IFTD show.
Nip and Sip - for the fancy

So line nippers combined with a bottle opener?  Okay, whatever...maybe for the frou-frou, but my beer opens with a pop top, or if I decide to be highfalutin, a screw off cap.  But to each their own...enjoy your fancy new nippers...pinky finger extended....of course...

Check out this movie.  I love it, especially since I have a true fondness for Spaghetti Westerns.  Dog vs. a duel...high noon...I can't watch this without laughing...especially at the way it ends...

To end, blog love.  This week's blog love goes to Steven Smith's blog "Average Outdoors."

It gets the blog love this week for a few reasons:

1) It's based in Pennsylvania - Go Keystone State!
2) It's relatively new (started in August) and could use some attention
3) He was referenced in LVLimestoner's "Goddammned Tricos," one of my favorite posts of 2011
4) Well above average photography, oh, and videos too
5) This recent T! Party contribution...
Flattery (& dinosaurs with pumpkin friends) get you everywhere...


  1. Wow, I almost decided to not watch that video.

    It's good to have a bottle opener on hand, you never know when you might run into Ivan the beer snob.

  2. Hey, don't bash the opener. Some of us need to open bottles.
    Forecasters and government will never get a break when it comes to storms like that. After all the vitriol and the continued reporting we see over Katrina, you would think that New Yorkers would be thankful that they were only inconvenienced. If it had gone the other way- no evacuations and a bad storm, Bloomberg would already be out of office. Try telling those people in Vermont having food airlifted to them that the storm was over-hyped.

  3. WooHoo....thanks for the blog love!!!

  4. @clif you can't open twist top metal bottles of miller lite (as pictured with the wife and the T!shirt) with the nippers/bottle opener. why would you have use for it?

    @t-rage - the schwartz is the worst. him and his bowtie can suck the proverbial "it"

  5. Funny stuff...who are those strange guys?

  6. @clif
    Good point on the bottle opener...although I'm not sure which video you meant.

  7. @Fontinalis Rising
    Amen. However I will continue to bash the opener.

  8. @Steven
    No sweat. Dare I ask where the dinosaur came from?

  9. @e.m.b.
    ...complete with an eye for stringing up to the fly rod. Wonder if I could get a brookie to hit a size #16 pumpkin friend?

  10. @Ivan
    Proverbial nothing..."it" gets sucked much by the bowtie.

  11. @Cofisher
    I'm assuming you mean the tenkara trio and not the dinosaur and pumpkin man.

    Dr. Ishigaki - he's like the tenkara ambassador sensei from Japan or something...he's Daniel from Tenkara USA's "Mr. Miyagi."

    Yvon Chouinard - Founder of Patagonia & 1% For the Planet, crazy ass Yosemite rock climber from back in the day, and who I want to be when I grow up.

    Craig Matthews - Founder Blue Ribbon Flies & 1% For the Planet, battles icebergs with tenkara rod in hand.

  12. @troutrageous1

    Both of those little guys are rescues. We found the dino next to our car one night outside of an eating establishment.....and the pumpkin dude was in a GeoCache....

  13. If I ever happen upon a pumpkin friend, I shall cast it to a Brookie and give you a full report. But I'm thinking a size 14 might be more their style...?

  14. its a rare time that i watch internet videos that aren't porn.

    this was one of those times.

    i am glad i have made this exception. despite the fact that it trips my whimsy meter somewhere around "adorably cute" (that's 7 out of 10, i think), i larghed.