August 10, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - I'm Tired & Want To Go To Bed Edition

It's late.  I'm trying to hold on and watch the Phillies play the Dodgers out in L.A. while I'm attempting to write this, but I'm tired and losing whatever coherency I might posses.  So here's this week's Nibbles, in a very sub-standard fashion.

I evidently offended Carla DeKalb yesterday with my talking trout banner referencing LVLimestoner's blog post entitled, "Goddamned Tricos."  It's a really humorous post, but I guess she either really has a sweetspot for tricos, or doesn't care for swearing.  I'm hoping the former, but guessing the latter.  Oh well, can't please everyone...but today's banner is for you Carla.  If you're out there of course...and I know you are...

A Mariachi band playing for a beluga whale.  Awesome.  What else needs to be said?  The only way it would be awesomer is if a geriatric Charo strutted through the scene shaking her cuchi-chuchis.

Some random dude was knocking door-to-door in my neighborhood the other night.  He wasn't selling newspaper subscriptions, Girl Scout cookies, or trying to recruit me to come join his new-wave church.  Rather he was representing a group called PennEnvironment and trying to raise some local awareness and support.  Here's one of their short propaganda videos:

Without getting into too much of what they do, they're about protecting land & water resources in Pennsylvania through the Growing Greener conservation program.  They do good stuff.  Think I'm going to become a member, check out their website if you have a spare second HERE.

What else...uhhh...I don't know.  I tried to get the guys that do the Tuesday night #fishchat over on Twitter to contribute some randomness...but basically only a few would play along...then the conversation faded into #winechat or something like that.  I saw the word Malbec and bolted.  Prior to that, this is the kind of riveting conversation we had...

@SomeFishBlog got some new lures...

@owljones posted some of his usual "different" pictures...

And after I expressed my dislike for cats, @flystock compared them to "transvestite reincarnations," to which @AJSutts posted this video...

...and @FishTheBaja posted this dog pic.

Yeah, Tuesday night Twitter life is that pathetic.

Okay, if you're still there after that painful play-by-play, you can leave now by going to this week's blog love recipient, Ulf Hagström and his NEW blog, The way of the /:Fly:/.  You may or may not be familiar with Ulf's old blog Flies and Lives of Ulf Hagström, but it's now a rotting corpse, so go to the new one...especially if you want the latest in office angling attire....


  1. Do you think Carla was offended by the swearing? I thought it was because the fish was talking :-)

    I like the picture of the dog, kinda looks like an ewok. Would have loved one of those things back in the day!

  2. I wasn't offended. It's your blog. I can read it or not. I was surprised a little. But offended? Meh. run the show.

    If my blog doesn't come back, can I write for T! ?

  3. wait, all it said was "goddamned tricos." carla may need to loosen up a little bit. anyways, has she ever fished a trico hatch? they are frustrating to say the least. male, female, emerger, dun, spinner, and to top it off all size 18 and smaller.

  4. @Ivan
    The frustration is what makes that post all the more funny.