August 17, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - El Diablo Sighting Edition

Hey, welcome to the Wednesday Nibbles.  I almost didn't write them this week since there was a Monday Nibbles on another blog...but I figured I'd stay true to the game, because, well, that's what I do.  Well, that and give out stickers.

Looks like the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) Show is in New Orleans this week.  Check the website HERE.  Didn't get the invite?  Don't worry, me neither. (By the way is it 'me neither' or 'me either').  Midcurrent & Fly Rod & Reel both usually cover it well for those that need the latest on gear asap.  I'm sure the Angling Trade will chime in too.

Earlier this year I actually had visions of going and asking anyone at any of the manufacturers that would talk to me on camera stupid questions like, "who was the hottest 'Facts of Life' chick," but alas, poor planning and the intention of going to some sort of OBN Summit kinda derailed those plans.  Oh well...we all know the answer was Mrs. Garrett anyway.

DUDE!  Did you see they caught a Chupacabra in Maryland?!?  If you read this blog you know I love that little goatsucking Mexican devil.  I was just there...I could have brought it home with me!!!!

Oh...that's what they're claiming is a Chupacabra.  What a letdown. An even bigger letdown...they let it go! WTF, you catch a freakin' yeti dog and you let it go?!? Hey River Mud, can you do some investigating for me? The video says it likes Chinese food...

Hey fellow Southeastern Pennsylvanians (wow, that's a lot of letters)...who wants to go fishin?  Why fish for stocked trout when you can fish for faux striped bass!  
I said striped bass

Yup. Good ol' Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA is tossing a buttload of hybrid stripers in Orchard Lake (which is basically a farm pond) today, August 17th.  So go grab your surf rods and go git 'em!

A picture from my Washington D.C. trip of a gazelle taking a whiz.  Just because I have a first grade sense of humor.

Okay...enough of that nonsense.  Time for blog love.  This week's goes to Mountains, Rivers, & Trout.  Why?  Because Satoshi rules.  Seriously.  The dude lives it.  And did I mention YNP?  No, well I just did.  So check the blog


  1. Looks like a very sick fox, and/or one with incredibly horrible genetics.

    Good thing it wasn't found in Baltimore. Likely Baltimore career trajectory:

    1. dealing drugs
    2. prostitution
    3. star on "The Wire."
    4. pimping other prostitutes
    5. trafficking huge amounts of drugs
    6. federal arrest and prosecution
    7. federal prison
    8. tell all book, "I lived The Wire For Realz."

  2. 1) that video took forever to actually show the chubrawhatever
    2) the best part was them using leftover Chinese food as bait.
    C) Gazelles look strange.

  3. I'm down down for some striped bass fishing :)

  4. Hey Mike. Always a pleasure to stop and read your posts. Nice striped bass picture.


  5. Chupa Lupa, obviously canine. While I've (almost) never caught a striped (b)ass, I have had a chapped (b)ass. Gazelle is as gazelle does. Thanks for keeping it entertaining. A much needed distraction.