August 16, 2011

Washington D.C. Weekend In Pictures

Hey fishing friends...sorry, this post is more for the family-at-large out there.  You're absolutely welcome to look at the pictures below (I mean Lilly is always a big deal around here), but other than a shout to River Monsters and a jab a PETA, this is going to be like watching somebody else's home movies...enthralling.

Subway escalator
Smithsonian Castle
PETA demonstration.  Compared killing pigs for food to killing North Koreans or something like that.
Wonder what North Korean bacon tastes like...
Stuffed animals
Neanderthal boob
Butterfly exhibit
Lilly at dinner overlooking Union Station
Nighttime double-decker bus tour of D.C.
Big pointy thing
Just another house
None too impressed with zebra mural
Watch out for spray zone
What we drove 3 hours to see
Baby gorilla
Goat on playground equipment
Arapaima & Pacu...but no Jeremy Wade
Saturday afternoon downpour
Game Over


  1. It looks like all of you had a great time. That last picture it priceless. Thanks for still managing to get some fish porn (and mannequin porn) in there for us other type of blog readers.

  2. Is that an old bills troy vincent #23 jersey or are you representing marshawn "beast mode" lynch in the capital?

  3. @Stealth
    Figured there'd be at least a little bit for everyone.

  4. @Ivan
    Marshawn Lynch. I somewhat collect odd jerseys, that Bills one from a few years back definitely qualified.

  5. I don't know which was better, the neandrethal boob or the incredibly flexible panda...

  6. My favorite pic is Lilly at Union Station... : )
    The donkeys were interesting...

  7. Look, I don't mean to degrade your fishing content around here, but that kid of yours is about as cute as they come. I don't think anyone minds a few family photos now and then as long as the Lilly factor outweighs the Mike factor 2/1.

    Now, that bit of business over with - the bus tour shot. Where you guys boarded the bus. I have history there. Penned a song. 150 people sang it. AH, but we won't get into that. I really liked D.C when we were there!( read: I couldn't wait to get out.) ;)

    That kid probably thinks you hung the moon. :) Mommy too.

    Thanks for letting us in on the mini-cation!
    (just keep it in mind ok? more Lilly, less Mike. bwahahahaa.)

  8. A trip to DC is always such a big deal for youngters. Otherwise it's just some mythical place in history books, social studies class, and the news. Not to mention good bragging material for the first couple weeks of school. Very cool!!!