August 15, 2011

The T! Party Continues

Got back from Washington D.C. yesterday and really didn't have a chance to compose my thoughts enough to write an original post.  Driving almost 4 hours straight up I-95 through a monsoon will do that to you.

That noted, over the weekend a flurry of new T! Party pictures came streaming into my email box & various social media outlets.  Trying to keep up with them, I started this post and am just hitting "publish"

On the back of Chase's AVALANCHE
Not to be outdone, finding excellent company on the back of Chris' Pathfinder.  I'm fond of BBQ too.
RD is sporting a T! Shirt.  T! shirt?  Yeah, more on that later this week.
Greg's window is very fly fishy.  The T! keeps following TU.
George's lawn mower.  No offense peeps, but this is best placement to date.
He also wrote the best post about a T! sticker on a lawn mower I've ever read!
Tedd gives T! some placement next to a sticker....nice!
Last but not least, Matt aka fishingpoet tossed this T! on his kayak...and a fancy border around the photo.  :)  

If you sent in a pic and I overlooked posting it, check HERE's the zoo in which they all live.  If you still don't see it, drop me a line in the comments of this post with a hint of where you might have sent it.  And if you have stickers and haven't taken a picture yet...ummm....


  1. What, am I chopped liver or did I miss a message from you? No shirt, no sticker's. I should have my new stickers this week, I'll send you some if you send your address.

  2. @Fontinalis Rising
    You must be. I only posted it on the blog (as well as relevant social media) that I was giving away stickers a few weeks ago. You must have been too busy catching arm's length trout to have taken notice...which is understandable.

    Send me your address via email, FB whatever, and you'll get yours.

  3. FR...I really wish it was you modeling the T!shirt instead of me...Maybe you do spend a little too much time fishing. Ha!

  4. ah, i wasn't following your stuff a few weeks ago. bummed i missed out.

  5. Gee my work truck would look great with one of your stickers and it could be the first over in Australia

    cheers Charlie

  6. @Charlie
    Charlie - drop me an email - troutrageous1 [at] yahoo [dot] com, and we'll get that done.