Merchandise Monday

I was going to write a post about dam removal for today.  See, the Stony Creek, the creek that my trout club is based is having it's dam removed this fall.  It's a little controversial because the pools above and below the dam are the main spots for recreational fishermen to hang out, but in the end, I guess it's a good thing.  Fish migration and all that stuff...

2010 Trout Tournament on the Stony Creek

I was also going to post a video I was sent via email of a dam being removed on the Raritan River in NJ, just to show what the real removal process actually looks like (a lot less dynamite than I had hoped)...but Lou from Fly & Fin beat me to it last night.  So go to his blog HERE instead to see the video.

With barrels empty, I figured I'd use the space to peddle some merchandise.  Only in America, right?

If you follow along on Facebook or Google + (or even click the T! Party tab at the top of the page once and a while) you may have noticed that besides stickers, there's T! shirts too.  Yeah, I printed up a small batch as a test order, kept a few for personal use, and tossed a few around to some friends as guinea pigs.

You may have seen one in this Owl Jones video for example...

Or possibly around the office under one's blazer...

Or maybe even out on the river with this guy...

Anyway, I've got 5 shirts left from that first batch.  (1 size Large, 2 Size Extra Large, and 2 Size 2XL).  If anyone wants one, I'll let them go for $18, shipping included.  This basically covers my cost, and when I do another print run, the price could go up.  This is real screen printing, not the digital stuff...

So if you're stupid enough to be conned into interested in one of the final five "first editions" me HERE with your size request and I'll get back to you with details.  I'll even include a secret bonus with each shipment, and it's not more stickers.

It will be first come first served, PayPal only.  No rolls of pennies in the mail, and sorry checkwriters, save your checks for the supermarket...


  1. The one I caught today wasn't big enough to grace a photo with my tee. Soon, I hope.


  2. I've got a picture somewhere of my shirt in it's natural environment....I'll try to track that down for you.

  3. Oh yeh...
    Just happened.


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