August 30, 2011

Kindergarten - BRING IT!

Yesterday was Lilly's first day of Kindergarten.  She was so excited that she didn't want to eat breakfast and ran out of the house.

I love the enthusiasm for school of a 5 year old.  A whole lot of "news" to discover.

New sneakers.
New schoolbag.
New teacher.
New friends.
New freedom.

And it all started yesterday morning with a new seat on the bus.

So excited
All smiles ready to go
Running to the bus stop
Is the bus here yet?
All aboard!
A few hours later...
She's back...older & wiser already

Yep, she's a big girl now.


  1. And the adventure begins! Enjoy it Lilly

  2. One day soon she will be introducing you to her prom date! Time flies!

  3. And she already managed to lose a sweater, she's just like you isn't she?

  4. Nice job Lilly! Our little girl is supposed to start her first day of Kindergarten Thursday but with all the widespread power outages still going on from Irene it may be pushed back a little.

  5. First day of school wow! Good luck kiddo and enjoy the ride!

  6. I don't remember if I was that excited back when I was that age. Mt son Tyler is 9 and he starts school tomarrow. He is looking forward to it to. We can only hope that they both will continue to enjoy school as the years go by.

  7. Next thing you know she will be getting her license and asking for a new car :) One day at a time. Great post. It's amazing how quick they grow up and how wise they are for being so young still. Tight Lines.

  8. That looks like one happy camper :-)

  9. I was a sniveling, crying baby when I got to school the first day...good job Lilly!

  10. She didn't lose that sweater! They taught them wardrobe changes already! She's a star, baby! :)

    Ever thought of just starting a Lilly blog? Wait...that'd make you a ...ah..nevermind. Stupid idea. ;)

  11. Thanks for all the kind words all. It means a lot. When I started this blog she was barely one and a half, eating in a high chair and still in diapers...time truly does fly...