August 6, 2011

I Feel Dirty After Last Night

So last night was a disaster.  For those of you that weren't following along and after reading last night's post are contemplating full abandonment of this blog due to excessive exposure to chest hair, there was a little blog competition about crap posts, or something like that.  Honestly, I still don't fully understand the concept.  Maybe that's the point, ask Clif & Ivan.

Anyway, a bunch of us wrote intentionally poor posts, and in my opinion, YGF was the runaway winner.  Here they are, in case you want to take a peek and judge for yourself.

That aside, I'm done with the Friday night nonsense.  Instead, I'll concentrate on giving you the questionable quasi-fishing posts you all have come to tolerate love.

So what's of interest today?  I dunno.  Think I'm going to try and go fishing either later today or on Sunday.  It's supposed to rain parts of both, and we could really use the precipitation.  The fish ain't got a lot of water to swim in these days.  In the meantime, enjoy (or don't) some recent search terms & phrases that actual people (or more likely genetically-enhanced apes) typed into search engines to end up here, courtesy of Google Analytics.

blue trout
pete rose batting stance
kim kardashian
720p sunglasses video jerky
amago versus kongo tenkara
baby duck fishing flies
beautiful native american woman
blue icee
can i get a hell yea
can you eat clams from chester river
celebrity ass
cliff lee stoney creek
dale jr suck
duke sucks a completely even-handed
french lady in waders
fuck you all losers
has cliff lee ever fished stony creek pa
i like em young
jobu's rum
lunkerhunt sponsors
mechanical amusement devices
nymph out looking for a one nighter on the weekend
pizza orgy
red head afro kick in balls
stream young teen cam
tenkara bullshit
what happens on business trips
yo yo anymore

So there you go...lots of randomness in the search results.  Some funny, some questionable, most stupid.  Now please excuse me, I'm off to really find out if Cliff Lee ever fished the Stony Creek!


  1. Lunkerhunt sponsors? They must mean that other completely unrelated lunkerhunt...the one we don't talk about.

  2. Yep, I think Ivan set the bar pretty high for you guys. Pretty good stuff all around though. Although your video made me throw up a little bit.

  3. I'm still trying to get the nasty out of my mouth today...thanks!