August 27, 2011

A Fun Week With the Postal Service

There's something about getting mail in the mailbox everyday (bills aside) which is really exciting to me.  It's kind of like being a kid again on a birthday or Christmas.  You know you're getting something, but you don't know what it's going to be.  What's better than a daily surprise?  Yeah, I'm stupid like that.

As a blogger that's evidently pulled the wool over many's eyes to make them believe I'm actually prominent or influential, one of the perks is stuff...which is typically a mix of free and somewhat paid for.  This week that meant stickers from FinFollower (thanks Leigh), some t-shirts and stickers from A Year On The Fly / Hex Fishing (thanks Joel), merino wool thermal underwear (thanks Redram), and best of all a new hat and patches from Tenkara USA.

New hat

Now why is the hat so exciting?   I mean I already have a Tenkara USA hat I wear from time to time.  The old T-USA hat is nice, but just didn't fit right.  As soon as I put this Tenkara USA hat on my head, it was magic.  Like sliding on a comfortable old pair of jeans or something.  It startled me how comfortable (and familiar) it felt, I had to do some recon.

Shuffling through the hats in my closet, I grabbed my "lucky" hat.  The Orvis hat I got for my first father's day from Lilly 5 years ago.  The hat that I wear when I go fishing 99% of the time.  The hat I've blogged about here on occasion, examples of which can be found HERE and HERE.  The hat I freaked out about when I temporarily lost it because I just knew I'd never find a similar hat like that again.

Old hat

Guess what.  Same exact hat, same maker, simply different color and embroidery.  Hell yeah.

Like buttah...

Will it replace the "lucky hat," probably not.  But damn if it doesn't feel good.  Maybe the on-water percentage for the Orvis cap will go down from 99% to 95% this fall as I test its karma.  

Oh, and it wasn't just an interesting mail week for me.  K.C. got an anatomically-correct knitted heart in the mail yesterday from some Etsy/Regretsy contest she won...don't ask...  Let's just say we told Lilly it was a stuffed strawberry.

(By the way, have you noticed I haven't fished in a while.  Yeah...I thought so...)


  1. Dig the hat mojo. And that heart is just creepy.

  2. Yeah, I'm completely with you on the postal service thing. Weird huh? It's twice as good when you get something besides bills and junk mail.

  3. I gotta tell ya Mike, I dig the heart but the Tenkara hat creeps me out. Thanks again for the T! it's Xtra Owl-sized, so it fits.

  4. My dog would love that heart, does it squeak?

    Speaking of the post office, where's my new rag?

  5. @Steve Zakur
    In person, not quite as creepy, but yes, very creepy.

  6. @Justin
    Agreed...and most times I don't even mind junk mail.

  7. @Cofisher
    I hear you...want to get creeped out, you should see the patches!

  8. @Clif
    Nah, no squeaker. Funny you mention the dog, because I have a feeling it's going to become a projectile here.

    Ask Cliff Clavin about the rag...went in the mail on Monday.

  9. It has been quite awhile since I had a week like that because I have been kinda out of commission for awhile but I agree it is always great to get some in the mail.
    That knitted heart is very cool to, I bet it took a bit to make that.

  10. T! I had a great postal week as well. Wife says your package made it the other day. I cant wait to get home and check it. Stickers and a Tee... SWEET! Thanks

  11. @troutrageous1That brings up a good idea, tell KC my dog loves soft plush squeakers...not a diaper bag, but a new market none-the-less.

  12. I had a great mail week too! (more on that later). You do need to fish more but don't worry I took care of Valley for ya today. (more on this later too).

  13. @Rick Kratzke
    Thanks Rick, great to have you stop by BTW.

  14. @AYearOnTheFly
    Glad it got there unscathed. BTW, I'm wearing the Hex tee today myself. Love the trout on the back!

  15. @Lunkerhunt
    K.C. didn't make the heart, only got it in a contest...but good to know should she want to branch out!

  16. @Funcfish
    I am praying this means first trout on the fly. Please let this mean first trout on the fly. THIS BETTER MEAN FIRST TROUT ON THE FLY! Eagerly waiting...