August 19, 2011

Fancy New Budget Fly Rod? Wright & McGill Generation II

Saw the news release from Wright & McGill the other day highlighting their new $99 Generation II fly rods.  The new rod boasts CNT technology, the same carbon nanotube technology that has been used in other high end sporting goods like baseball bats & bicycle components.  Simply put, this rod is supposed to "bring it" at a very reasonable price point.
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DENVER, COLORADO – The Wright & McGill Co., in an effort to break new barriers in performance, power, weight reduction and value within the fly-fishing industry, is extremely proud to announce the introduction of Generation II S-Curve blank technology fly rods using CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) resins at under $100 retail! 
Our design team has spent hundreds of hours developing what we think is an industry changing performance rod series that is priced to encourage recruitment into the sport of fly-fishing while making these rods available to fishermen and Fly Girls at every ability and economic level.  
Generation II S-Curve rod blank technology is a derivative of the original S-Curve blank that has proven over and over that strength, sensitivity and performance does not have to be followed by lots of zeros!

We’ve taken the original S-Curve design but made it lighter and thinner by using an even higher modulus graphite core and reinforcing layer. Inside we’ve woven PBO fibers, which are two times stronger than Kevlar, with carbon yarn and T-Glass to add strength and performance to every blank. Nano resins are used as the binding agent increasing comparable strength by over 20% to standard resins.  
As good as the new Generation II S-Curve blanks are, we didn’t stop there. We’ve broken new ground in the fly rod market with a handle made of high density rubber that dramatically improves the main point of contact that the angler has with the fly rod. These new handles are more comfortable than cork, last longer than cork and are not slippery when wet. Tradition may call for cork but when performance calls for improvement in materials and design, Wright & McGill always leads the way! 
Every rod is beautifully finished with our unique seven layer paint process which adds a custom, one of a kind touch to your new fly rod. Add high end components like zirconium stripping guides, stainless snake foot guides, a lightweight aluminum reel seat and you have a true performance rod that you can be proud of and you didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to make the purchase. All W&M Generation II S-Curve rods are made in four pieces and include a limited lifetime warranty. 

Now not having casted the rod myself yet (hint, hint W&M...), the one thing I can't get past is the paint job.  Beautiful or horrendous?  You tell me.  Either way it's attention getting.  As always, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.


  1. At $99 it's gorgeous

  2. I'm missing a 3 wt in my arsenal ... this is a possibility! Thx.

  3. I think the aesthetics is where they saved their money in development. It's a bit flashy, but I like W&M so my interest is definitely still piqued.

  4. Like the color, the reelseat, not so much. Old school suits me. If it's made by WM, it's good quality for the money.

  5. Like the rod. Like the price. Jury is still out on the color.


  6. I think fly rod companies have finally figured it out. The have become more realistic in todays economy . I think price point has even more room to drop. Like you said before we rate it , lets fish it!

  7. Now we are approaching my price range....I like the paint job, but it would be hard to find if it were in green and browns, for me anyway. I can see myself putting it down for some reason and then losing it on the stream bank somewhere.

  8. Is this at the fly fishing show this week? Because I just heard on twitter that some "jacket" won Best of Show. A jacket. hello? I mean, ...I just don't know. Out of all the stuff that's new this year, they pick a jacket? I don't care if Simms made it or if Rolex made better do more than just protect me from cold and rain if it's going to win Best of Show. Does it convert into a car? Does it have it's own fly vest insert? Is it bombproof?

    But a rod made from nano-tech for $100!? Now THAT'S cool.

    Of course, we can guess where alot of that $100 is going......but they couldn't make it here for rock. hard place. etc.

    As times get tougher, Sage and Winston and all the rest are going to have to bend...or something's gonna break. W&M, like Redington...see the writing on the wall early, and good for them. Now, send T-rage two and I'll come up there and we'll fish 'em together. Make mine a 3 wt., longest you got.

  9. Where are the rods made? China? W&M wesite doesn't say, and I won't consider buying until I know.
    Winston has its $300 rods (their lowest price) manufactured in China. Not for me.
    Let's try to remember a few great China-made products: poisoned wheat gluten in pet foods, lead paint on Mattel toys, melamine-poisoned infant formula, sulphur-contaminated drywall. All those were done purposely, none by accident or mistake, so I govern myself accordingly.
    It's hard to imagine a poisonous fishing rod, but if it's just slightly possible a Chinese manufacturer will find a way to do it.
    If outsourcing is unavoidable, Korea looks like a better option.

  10. That reelseat is funky!

    I wish I could even consider affording rods that are not made in China, Hong Kong, or Japan. But my rod quiver is about 12 deep right now, with all rods costing over $50 but only one costing over $150.

    I still don't see how an amateur angler can justify a $700 rod unless it's the only rod you use, and fishing is the only outdoor pursuit you're engaged in.

  11. dude, if its cheap its made in china. you want cheap, enjoy chinese manufacturing. they are the new korea. which was the new japan. maybe someday you can hold out for indian made stuff, but chances are you'll hate that, too. wah. your tears fill my streams, and the gnashing of teeth is the white noise to which i sleep. don't expect the impossible.

    that gold shit is awesome. it can match bass boats and whatnot. rad.

  12. Like the paint job. I've been watching W&M for awhile not but have yet to make the purchase jump. I like the move toward more stylish fishing gear. A little tired of gray and black for rod colors.