Easy Does It

I dig the challenge of fishing for the ever-cautious, ultra spooky, small stream trout.  The sitting back in the margins and watching for activity.  The careful crawling to that spot just within casting range.  The unraveling of a questionably placed bow & arrow cast.  The subtle take of a ruler sized fish.

But that would be another day.

Tonight I wanted it easy.  I wanted to throw any random fly from my box out on the water.  I wanted to wear a football t-shirt and bathing suit trunks.  I wanted 3 or 4 different uglies to take a swipe upon stripping line.  I wanted to make the most of my hour and a half out and about.

I'm not proud.  I'm not ashamed.  I just wanted to fish.  


  1. That's how I roll, dogg! I would love to have more full days on the water when I have a lure on the line and ready to cast when the first ray of light punches through the trees and hits the water. That sense of confidence of being in the right place at the right time to get the BEST possible action on the water.

    But (note that I did not say "unfortunately"), I have a 2 year old son. And 2 jobs. So I fish for trout at noon, and bass at 830am, and sunfish when I can't get to either bass or trout.

    Go get 'em!!!

  2. Nothing like a good evening of pan fishing!

  3. Fishing is fun....period! It doesn't matter for what or how as long as you enjoy it.

  4. Hey Mike, I caught some that size. They're a blast on a fly rod. Makes for a fun day.


  5. Fun and certainly not a lot of hard work. I agree. Do have one question Mike, with so much famous trout water, why not more about that.

  6. Can't beat that! Nothing better than a couple hours on the water.

  7. Nothing wrong with a day of "catching." Looks like you had a good time

  8. Those are some really pretty fish! A place like that can provide you with all you need some days. That said, I hope your "long weekend" will have some fishing in it. :) Tell Lilly Uncle Owl says Daddy needs to take you for ice-cream. ;) heh.

  9. Looks like some healthy diversity in that little fishin' hole.

  10. That is some happy hook ups for the time spent on the water. That last Bluegill looks like a pig!

  11. Mike, Mike, Mike. Just when I get somewhat fed up with all the fishing experts showing off their trout that are half the size of their arms, or deer with antlers genetically modified to get so big the poor things can't lift their heads up, you deliver a post showing me what I call "true spirit". The REAL outdoors. Thank you.

    And I'm not calling you the average Joe - but thank you for the average Joe post. I'm glad you were able to get out and catch something in between all else you have going on.

    Take care -

  12. Thanks all. I have comments for each of you...but working off the mobile device ain't doin it for me. Will follow up on Sunday.

  13. ahhh, a nice day on the water...


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