August 2, 2011

A Coupon Code You Can Actually Use

I got an email from Mepps yesterday touting a "great deal" of getting some free spinners if you spend $55 in their store.  Obsurd right?  Well the folks that read my G+ post thought so...especially my friend John, who also happens to be the H.W.T.I.C. (Head Wire Twister In Charge) at Fish Creek Spinners.  The following was our exchange:

So with that simple back and forth, I score you, my readers, a kick ass 35% off coupon code good on anything at the Fish Creek Spinners online store.  Doesn't matter if you spend $5, $55, or $555.  Just enter the code 35percenT! during checkout and we're saving you money, just like that.  Who loves ya baby?
Even a sucky fisherman like me can catch fish with Fish Creek Spinners

Everyone can use some spinners, even you snooty fly-fish only types...because we all know even you like to slum it every once and a don't pretend.  Head over to Fish Creek Spinners and buy some stuff...the code's only good until 8/8/2011.  A'ight?  Yeah, I thought you'd like that.

Oh, and one more bit of LATE BREAKING NEWS to this offer.  Got word from John that he's going to sweeten the deal!  To quote: "Here's the T spinner proto. I'll put one in any order that shows up, resulting from your blog post and using the discount."
T! Spinner

Holy balls.  What are you all waiting for!?!


  1. What weight rod do I cast these with, and do you swing 'em like wets or drift 'em like nymphs?

    I'm confused. Oh, I know.. these are for that tanksera thing you do!

  2. Wow, that's a pretty good deal and some really neat looking spinners. Spinners are always with me when I fish and they can go places that flies can't, although I love to fly fish as well.

    Thanks for the discount hookup, but I doubt I'll be able to take advantage of this excellent deal.

    (That T spinner looks like a winner. Good colors, too!)

  3. iEvery time I try to drive my car on the lake, it falls through. I can't afford summer ice fishing anymore.

  4. Hey,Where is my spinner......the "legend" does without! Wow!