August 1, 2011

A Blogroll Question

Hey big is too big?

Of course I'm asking about blogrolls.  See, I'm pretty sure my blogroll has hit a wall.  It's always been on the long side, but in the last 4 or so months it's expanded by leaps and bounds.  I blame the OBN for exposing me to so many great new (to me) blogs in about that same timeframe.  It's an easy and convenient excuse. outta the oven.

I've always thought the blogroll concept should be one where you only post blogs you actually read and would recommend to friends.  The proof in the pudding is that my site stats clearly show that some of my readers use my "recommendations" as an anchor point in their daily reading...clicking on a blog, then coming back, clicking on the next blog, coming back, clicking on the next blog, etc, etc, etc...

The only other "rule" I ever had regarding my blogroll was that if you didn't at least post once in a three month period, you were gone...didn't mean I don't like ya, just simply an attempt to try and trim the fat.

Well, I'm at a point now where I can't keep up with the blogs in my blogroll anymore, which is a shame because there are some really good ones in that long list.  Also, with this blog's popularity sort of growing, I'm noticing more and more links to "Troutrageous!" in other people's blogrolls every day.  To this day I'm still flattered by that fact, but posting all the reciprocal links I should in order to be a good Boy Scout is overwhelming.

So in light of the above.  What to do?  Trim back the blogroll to a more manageable level?  Only list the blogs I actually can absorb, while running the risk of alienating a lot of folks that don't "make the cut" for whatever the reason?  Am I too self-absorbed thinking anyone would even care if their blog wasn't in my blogroll?  Or just leave it as that obscenely long list, continually growing, and growing, and growing...?

There probably isn't a perfect solution, and I'm really don't expect to find one, but I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments section below.  Thanks in advance.


  1. I think as long as you know they're producing quality reading material I'd say leave them up there. That's how I first got into this whole blog thing, stumbling thru people's super long blogrolls.

  2. One possible solution would be to make a blogroll page like over at TFM. It could still be a long list, but not necessarily 3 screens long on your actual blog.

  3. I like it they way you got it, whenever I want to explore new blogs, all I have to do is hop over to the T! and bingo. I'd also blame obn , what a great source of stuff!

  4. Blogs are like flies.....
    You can never have too many.

    Like AYearOnTheFly said When I want to check out some new blogs I take a look at T!

  5. I would just like one of the hot rolls, please! To answer your first question...there is a point where enough is enough! I like to change up and put some in and take others out...but, always try to keep the same number. This way, I'm still giving everyone some coverage...blogrolls are like a flybox...only so much room! And I try to give mentions in my posts for others talents.

  6. Hey Mike. I found that one blogroll was way too long too, so I split it into three categories and limited it to the top 10. That way you only have 30 at a time (10 per category) showing and those that aren't blogging on a regular basis don't show, but you don't lose them either. Just a thought.


  7. Two options: First, scrutinize for blogs you actually read. Second, move your limit from 90 days to 30 days. That'll trim about a dozen.

  8. I think you should turn this into a reality blogging competition....making bloggers earn their way onto Troutrageous's could be like the "Donald"'re're hired. Just a thought.

    The fact is, it's your blog...your blogroll. I would hope that no one on your list would be too offended if you were to make changes in the best interest of Troutrageous (and possibly make life a little easier for you along the way).

    That being said, if you cut "Up the Poudre" from the list...we're finished...ha! :-)

  9. Add a tab with a master blogroll, and then update the sidebar to be only posting within the last 30 days.

  10. I'm with a couple of the others and like how it is currently. I also like the idea of a master blog roll page, and then having the side bar trimmed up.

  11. I've got about fifty gazillion blogs in my roll, but mine only shows the 25 most recent updates. You don't post? You don't show up. Simple and takes no work from me, just configure your widget and be done.

    George doesn't know what he's talking about. Like you, I can't keep up and don't read them all. There is such at thing as too many. especially when you'd like to go outside every once and a while.

    Sander's idea is something to think about. Maybe a competition to get the much coveted top spot.
    I am not a fan of a separate page. What's the point of having a roll if no one is going to click and look at it?

  12. I think having too many blogs in a blogroll kind of waters down the impact. Saying "These are the 15 blogs I really like" carries a little more weight than "Here are 100 blogs that I like", while everyone knows you can't keep up with that many blogs. One solution is to borrow something from twitter - kind of a "Follow Friday" theme. Maybe one day every week or two you could feature different blogs with a "recommended blogs" post. Just hit three or four blogs, and keep your blogroll for your actual favorite blogs.

  13. I like scrolling through long blog lists and reading posts here and there. That's how I found most of the blogs I now follow. I think you should keep as is.

  14. Drop me an email when you decide what you are going to are the Godfather.

  15. Leave it...I am with those that like to occasionally peruse long blog rolls to find that one blog you can't live without reading.

  16. @All
    Wow, thanks for the feedback!

    Seems as if the majority likes the long list. So if you guys like it that way, suppose I'll keep it that way.

    The length really was never an issue from a real estate standpoint, I've got plenty of scroll to fill. Definitely no need to go to create a blogroll tab or anything. It was more about me actually being able to read the blogs in it. I figure I'll just read from the top down as much as I can...if I can't get to them be it.

    I do like the "competition" concept though...let me think that one over for a bit...

  17. @Shoreman
    I do sort of like the grouping concept...but how to group...hmmm....

  18. @Steve Zakur
    I really thought hard about this one. So tempting an option.

  19. @fishingjournal
    I've got my Wednesday Nibbles "bloglove" for that, but I agree, if I were to really cut it down, it would have about 10 in it. Which 10...I ain't tellin'...

  20. Nice - blame the OBN!

    Yes , I'm back. And ready to be your next victim - oops - guest - on Valley.