August 4, 2011

Anyone Ever Cast One Of These Mother-Fikkers?

Was being extremely unproductive watching my twitter feed last night, and a tweet popped up from Isaac at 'Yak Fish noting the things he was impressed with after the first day of the annual Outdoor Retailer (OR) trade show.

Upon reading the post, the one thing that stuck out to me was the Fikkes Fly-Hiker Fly Rod, which is basically a hiking pole that converts into a fly rod.

Now, being mildly obsessed with tenkara (did I mention I bought a Sakura Kongo Betuatsurae the other night?), this kind of interested me.  Actually, when tenkara first launched in the U.S. there was a similar hiking stick adaptation.  That Ti Goat aside, this Fikkes Fly-Hiker grabs my attention not because I hike, but because I kinda dig stuff that "transforms"...a trait that likely goes back to my days as a kid playing with pre-Shia LeBeouf ruined Transformers.

So I was wondering if anyone has gotten their hands on one of these bad boys (maybe you can chime in Isaac)?  Is there any way this thing doesn't cast like a broomstick?  It says it's made of North Fork blanks, which I presume is a good thing, but still...I dunno...

For more info on this $400 Frankenstick, you can check out Fikkes website HERE, Twitter HERE, or Facebook HERE.  I must say my interest is mildly piqued.

So what do you all think...?


  1. It's an interesting concept, but I wonder if perhaps a walking stick might make a better walking stick, and a fly rod might make for a better fly rod? That being said, it's probably a decent wading staff as well.

  2. It's more than meets the eye.

  3. Makes since. Us guys always like showing off what new trick our rods can do. ;-)

  4. Love when crazy ideas come to life. Optional buffalo prod attachment sold separately...Stampede!

  5. Hello Troutrageous,
    Our blanks are made by Gary Loomis here in Washington. We have a 3wt 5wt or 7wt for this trekking pole. When you backpack up into high lakes for a few days, weight becomes a factor. Only a portion of the trekking pole is used to make the fly rod. Once you arrive to your destination to fish, 2 of the 3 pieces are stored inside the trekking pole. These are 2 - 3ft sections that make up the majority of your fly rod. Did I mention that Gary Loomis is designing my blanks? :) They are quality and boy can this rod fish! We let people test them in Utah for the Demo day and received great reviews. We are still working on our website to showcase more specs so keep an eye out for us! Headed out to find more fish in high lakes this weekend! Our trails lead to fish.