August 20, 2011

2011 Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge

This morning team F#@K CANCER EAST took on the 2011 Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge.  The 5K was our opponent on this particular day, however with my wife K.C. leading our team, it was doomed to suffer the same fate breast cancer did when it decided to mess with her 3 short years ago...a giant FAIL.

I'm proud to report that the team did great, and with the support of friends & family, not only finished our first LIVESTRONG 5K successfully, but are already talking about tackling next year's 10K.  Well, that is after K.C. flies down to Austin, TX in a little under two months to smack the LIVESTRONG around one more time in 2011.  

Screw you cancer.  Screw you 3.1 miles.  Like either of you stood a chance.

K.C. getting emotional placing her Survivor sign at the LIVESTRONG Village on Friday
There were many tears of joy cried today
Pre-race smiles
Doing the proper pinning
K.C.'s sign
Post race smiles.

In all seriousness, this morning was a great experience.  Not being "runners"...or even walkers before this year, K.C. and our neighbor Karen (pictured above, who lost her mother to cancer) were a little apprehensive heading in.  Heck, I thought I'd be vomiting roadside after the first quarter mile.  However, their months of early morning training definitely paid off.

K.C.'s spirit and drive continue to amaze and inspire; I take comfort knowing Lilly has such a strong role-model for a mother.  Every tear of joy K.C. shed today was hard-earned, every hug she received at the finish line was well deserved.  I am honored to run alongside her throughout the rest of this journey.


  1. That sign on her back is quite eyeopening! What big accomplishment. Great job on the 5k!

  2. When you are a cancer survivor, you definately look at life differently. I know this for a fact. Way to go KC. A big thumbs up.


  3. Wow. KC must be as tough as they come.

  4. Congrats, KC! You make us all very proud. Your strength gives us inspiration. Thank you.

  5. Congrats, Agnetas! I'm heading to the cemetery later this morning for the unveiling of my mother's headstone. Glioblastoma -- 9 months from diagnosis to the end. Cancer is indeed a bitch. Way to go, KC!!!

  6. Congrats KC! Thanks for inspiring us all. I can't wait to hear about Team "F#@k cancer's" success down in Austin!

  7. T! and K.C. rocking it! Congrats on 3 years as well as the race.

  8. "Screw you cancer."
    You can use the big boy words here, its encouraged. Fuck you, cancer.

    They told me two weeks ago I've got a 2" tumor in my right kidney, two weeks from now they take it out. No one's pretending its not a stage 1B renal cell carcinoma anymore. My mom died from the same thing, less than a year from diagnosis.

    Good luck to KC in the continued ordeal.

  9. Way to go, Team Agneta! A strong and couragious wife you do have...My husband is a 30 year cancer survivor. It's a tough battle for sure.

  10. to paraphrase team america - "team agneta, f@$% yeah".

  11. You guys ROCK! :) Keep kicking cancer's A$$! Cute shorts there, Mikie.

  12. Hell yeah...and I got teary looking at your photos. Good on you both! Somehow, I had missed this post, until you linked to FishNewsDaily, and I ended up back here....thanks!