August 31, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - It's My Thursday Edition

Hey..I got a's Wednesday...and if you were smart like me and took off this Friday to have a nice big Labor Day would really be your "Thursday" you like that....BTW...if you didn't take off on to your might  not be too late if you ask today...just sayin'....okay...enough of that...time for the Thursday Wednesday Nibbles...

Kinda sorry I missed that Tenkara Summit last week out in Montana.  100+ dudes talking about swinging their fairy wands and only using one fly...sounds awesome.  Except I'm not joking.  From some of the pics that have come out HERE and HERE I'm damn envious of those that attended.  Why do all of you out West get to have all the fun?  I mean Mr. Patagonia himself, Yvon Chouinard even made an appearance...holy balls!

Hurricane Irene came and went last weekend.  There's been a lot of jokes locally that it was a storm hyped by the media (namely news networks) for ratings.  I'm as cynical as the next guy...and maybe I didn't really need to run out and try to find D batteries...but last time I checked the death toll was 42.  That's not hype.  Also, tell these folks in Vermont that lost these bridges that the severity of the storm was fabricated.

I'd rather be cautiously forewarned than f*ck with Mother Nature.  When she's pissed she's pissed.  That said, I still can't stand that tool "Hurricane" Schwartz.

Sorry about that little bit of condescending writing....I don't know what got into me...back to fishing....

I typically dig what Loon Outdoors is up to.  They make some quality products with an environmental slant.  Then I see the "Nip and Sip" highlighted in Midcurrent as a Best in Show from the recent IFTD show.
Nip and Sip - for the fancy

So line nippers combined with a bottle opener?  Okay, whatever...maybe for the frou-frou, but my beer opens with a pop top, or if I decide to be highfalutin, a screw off cap.  But to each their own...enjoy your fancy new nippers...pinky finger extended....of course...

Check out this movie.  I love it, especially since I have a true fondness for Spaghetti Westerns.  Dog vs. a duel...high noon...I can't watch this without laughing...especially at the way it ends...

To end, blog love.  This week's blog love goes to Steven Smith's blog "Average Outdoors."

It gets the blog love this week for a few reasons:

1) It's based in Pennsylvania - Go Keystone State!
2) It's relatively new (started in August) and could use some attention
3) He was referenced in LVLimestoner's "Goddammned Tricos," one of my favorite posts of 2011
4) Well above average photography, oh, and videos too
5) This recent T! Party contribution...
Flattery (& dinosaurs with pumpkin friends) get you everywhere...

August 30, 2011

Kindergarten - BRING IT!

Yesterday was Lilly's first day of Kindergarten.  She was so excited that she didn't want to eat breakfast and ran out of the house.

I love the enthusiasm for school of a 5 year old.  A whole lot of "news" to discover.

New sneakers.
New schoolbag.
New teacher.
New friends.
New freedom.

And it all started yesterday morning with a new seat on the bus.

So excited
All smiles ready to go
Running to the bus stop
Is the bus here yet?
All aboard!
A few hours later...
She's back...older & wiser already

Yep, she's a big girl now.

August 29, 2011

Merchandise Monday

I was going to write a post about dam removal for today.  See, the Stony Creek, the creek that my trout club is based is having it's dam removed this fall.  It's a little controversial because the pools above and below the dam are the main spots for recreational fishermen to hang out, but in the end, I guess it's a good thing.  Fish migration and all that stuff...

2010 Trout Tournament on the Stony Creek

I was also going to post a video I was sent via email of a dam being removed on the Raritan River in NJ, just to show what the real removal process actually looks like (a lot less dynamite than I had hoped)...but Lou from Fly & Fin beat me to it last night.  So go to his blog HERE instead to see the video.

With barrels empty, I figured I'd use the space to peddle some merchandise.  Only in America, right?

If you follow along on Facebook or Google + (or even click the T! Party tab at the top of the page once and a while) you may have noticed that besides stickers, there's T! shirts too.  Yeah, I printed up a small batch as a test order, kept a few for personal use, and tossed a few around to some friends as guinea pigs.

You may have seen one in this Owl Jones video for example...

Or possibly around the office under one's blazer...

Or maybe even out on the river with this guy...

Anyway, I've got 5 shirts left from that first batch.  (1 size Large, 2 Size Extra Large, and 2 Size 2XL).  If anyone wants one, I'll let them go for $18, shipping included.  This basically covers my cost, and when I do another print run, the price could go up.  This is real screen printing, not the digital stuff...

So if you're stupid enough to be conned into interested in one of the final five "first editions" me HERE with your size request and I'll get back to you with details.  I'll even include a secret bonus with each shipment, and it's not more stickers.

It will be first come first served, PayPal only.  No rolls of pennies in the mail, and sorry checkwriters, save your checks for the supermarket...

August 28, 2011

How Do You Take Your Reading?

Hurricane Irene is here.  Although (as I'm typing this) I'm not in imminent danger, all of the streams are going to be blown out at least until midweek, not to mention what kind of havoc the high winds might have caused, so likely not a ton of fishing in store for least until next weekend.  Holed up in the house, will have some time on my hands, which gets me thinking about reading.

As a blogger, I love to read other people's blogs.  I take at least a partial spin through my blogroll daily; there are so many talented writers and photographers out there, it's something I find really enjoyable.  

There are also a ton of online magazines such as 'Catch Magazine,' 'Ten and Two,' 'Kype Magazine,' and 'This Is Fly' that are very good reads.  That noted, it doesn't mean I don't like to do traditional reading in primarily magazine or book form as well.

The latest from This Is Fly

Problem was, I was getting so many magazines either by my own doing or via gift subscriptions, they were really piling up.  Reading them all wasn't necessarily the issue, but I just sort of wanted a streamlined way to keep them...not only close by...but for posterity.  All that paper takes up space!  Not to mention the inconvenience of juggling multiple books and magazines when traveling.

So I've started the migration to digital.  I've got the Kindle app for both my Android phone and tablet and have downloaded Gierach's 'No Shortage of Good Days' and 'The Windknot' by John Galligan to start my "library."  On top of that, with my Field & Stream subscription running out this month, I've transitioned that to digital as well, which is accessible on the tablet, PC, phone, you name it, via an account with Zinio.

Field & Stream, on the Motorola Xoom

While I'm getting the hang of this, I have to say I like it so far.  Using the Android tablet vs. say an actual Kindle is nice because it's in color so you can still get the full impact of photography in magazines.  I wouldn't imagine a book being much of a difference since it is primarily text.  Unfortunately, many fly fishing magazines I enjoy aren't available digitally yet, so I can't quite get to paperless Nirvana yet.

No such thing as signed copies of digital books...The Stream of Time by Len Harris (shown above)

So what are your thoughts?  Do you do the digital book/magazine thing?  Are you thinking about it but still on the fence?  Have you tried it and not liked it or do you think it's awesome?  

Would love to hear your opinions.  With everything going more and more digital by the day perhaps the simple touch and feel of a book is what keeps one "traditional."

August 27, 2011

A Fun Week With the Postal Service

There's something about getting mail in the mailbox everyday (bills aside) which is really exciting to me.  It's kind of like being a kid again on a birthday or Christmas.  You know you're getting something, but you don't know what it's going to be.  What's better than a daily surprise?  Yeah, I'm stupid like that.

As a blogger that's evidently pulled the wool over many's eyes to make them believe I'm actually prominent or influential, one of the perks is stuff...which is typically a mix of free and somewhat paid for.  This week that meant stickers from FinFollower (thanks Leigh), some t-shirts and stickers from A Year On The Fly / Hex Fishing (thanks Joel), merino wool thermal underwear (thanks Redram), and best of all a new hat and patches from Tenkara USA.

New hat

Now why is the hat so exciting?   I mean I already have a Tenkara USA hat I wear from time to time.  The old T-USA hat is nice, but just didn't fit right.  As soon as I put this Tenkara USA hat on my head, it was magic.  Like sliding on a comfortable old pair of jeans or something.  It startled me how comfortable (and familiar) it felt, I had to do some recon.

Shuffling through the hats in my closet, I grabbed my "lucky" hat.  The Orvis hat I got for my first father's day from Lilly 5 years ago.  The hat that I wear when I go fishing 99% of the time.  The hat I've blogged about here on occasion, examples of which can be found HERE and HERE.  The hat I freaked out about when I temporarily lost it because I just knew I'd never find a similar hat like that again.

Old hat

Guess what.  Same exact hat, same maker, simply different color and embroidery.  Hell yeah.

Like buttah...

Will it replace the "lucky hat," probably not.  But damn if it doesn't feel good.  Maybe the on-water percentage for the Orvis cap will go down from 99% to 95% this fall as I test its karma.  

Oh, and it wasn't just an interesting mail week for me.  K.C. got an anatomically-correct knitted heart in the mail yesterday from some Etsy/Regretsy contest she won...don't ask...  Let's just say we told Lilly it was a stuffed strawberry.

(By the way, have you noticed I haven't fished in a while.  Yeah...I thought so...)

August 25, 2011

Guest Post - Spurky on "Numbers"

Spurky is back today with another guest post.  Today's topic is numbers.  No, he's not a mathematician or a bad CBS drama, he's actually talking about the number of fish caught.  To some they mean everything, to others they're inconsequential. 

What is it about the fetish with numbers when talking about fishing, especially on computer chat rooms & forums?

I catch more fish than you do

Now I am a fair trout fisherman, and do okay on the multi-species front, so why would I care about someone who continually claims up to 100 fish a day?

I even admit zero fish days, which is death on forum boards, but if you've got zero and not triple digits in some forums you stink.  I guess ego is what some need to survive in the fishing room behind the computer screen.

I know of a few posters who always seems to claim mega amounts of fish caught in a single day, some on just a single lure - but gee no pictures, or 10 pics of the same fish at different angles.

Some of us live in populated areas with heavy fishing pressure and water sports during spring through fall, so cut me/us a break. It seems that most of these number whores fish alone (hmmmm), and when asked where or if anyone can come along, they get all selfish and say,"no, that's my secret fishing hole".

Silly me, I take anyone who wants to tag along with, I like to fish with friends to learn new things - amazing how many ways you can snag a tree  :)

Maybe I am an old fuddy-duddy, but fishing to me is not a numbers game to prove one's stature, but rather an escape from the real world, and at times a battle of wits (so to speak) in hard-fished waters.

I guess it is just a ego thing that I have to learn to put up with.


What are your thoughts on numbers...or heck...even fishing forums? 

Is catching a ton of fish essential to a fun day on the water?  
Do you think less of the angler that meets the skunk, or the one quick to highlight his or her awesomeness?
Is an 8 inch fish the equal of an 18 inch fish?  

Your thoughts are welcomed in the comments below.

August 24, 2011

An Abridged Wednesday Nibbles

I didn't write Wednesday Nibbles this week.  Sorry, no stupid YouTube videos.

I did want to take the opportunity to use this space to highlight a new venture, not a blog, called, a site that if the author does in fact keep up with it, could possibly replace (or compliment) Wednesday Nibbles all together.

It's basically all the "good" fish news hauled in from across the internet, presented in style which is a homage to the Drudge Report.  So check it out...and if you like it, bookmark it.  I've enjoyed clicking the links the past two days...I'm sure you will too.

Oh, and one other commercial, fans of The Riparian Corridor blog should note that it's moved to some fancy new digs.  It used to be HERE, it's now HERE.  Will (the author) has been teasing some grand plans for the ".com" as a whole over on G+, so it will be interesting to see how this develops over the upcoming months.

So hows that sound? want one stupid YouTube video?

Okay, enjoy.  I love Katy Perry.

August 23, 2011

An Answer to a Reader's Question

I wrote a post the other day about fishing for bluegill.  I get a lot of comments on the blog - good, bad, and incomprehensible - but a particular comment stuck with me.  As a matter of fact, it's still stuck...and it's below, like 14 year old chewing gum under high school gymnasium bleachers.

Thank you Howard.  This is a very good question, one I've often thought about myself, but rarely challenged myself to answer.

If you've been around here for a while, you'll notice I write about the same three bodies of water - Valley Creek, Stony Creek, and Sanatoga Park - pretty often...especially the first one.  Yeah, there's a couple others sprinkled in, but for the most part, those are almost exclusively my fishing trinity.

I live in Pennsylvania...home to many famous trout streams and rivers...yet why do I not fish them?  While I've only been actively fishing for about 3 or 4 years, it still would have provided plenty of time to venture outside of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  

It's not a comfort factor, I don't care where I fish.  I can be pretty outgoing when I want to.  It's not a resources question, I am fortunate enough to be able afford gas money for a couple hour drive and an overnight campground (or hotel) stay.  I need only look at the multiple Barbie dolls in various form of undress scattered around the living room floor to find my answer.

I suppose that it's my own desire to spend time with Lilly, or maybe even some unachievable aspiration of earning that "#1 Dad" button I got for Father's Day a few years back is what keeps me generally local on those short windows of time I get to wet a line each weekend.

At this point in my life, fishing 20 minutes away from the front door knowing I can get a good couple of hours on the water in and still be home for lunch...or to watch cartoons...or lose in Mario Kart on the Wii...or play veterinarian to a posse of plush puppies...or paint a set of fingernails where it's at.  

There's going to be a time, most likely sooner than later, when those little brown eyes will start viewing Dad as embarrassing, a mode of transportation to the outlet mall, an ATM, or even...gasp...the enemy.  When that time comes, I'll soothe the wounds by visiting all the great trout water Pennsylvania has to offer.    

But until then, I'm staying local.  At least for the most part (that's what sleepovers at Grandmom's are for).  

And who knows...if I'm lucky...and if I play my cards just right...maybe I won't need to visit all that Class-A water by myself after all.
Did I mention my little girl starts kindergarten next week?  Maybe that's the real reason for this post.

I had written the majority of this entry about a week ago.  It wasn't until I read the latest post from John at Seven Bridges Road that I was compelled to finish and hit that magic "Publish" button.  If you enjoyed this, do yourself a favor and check out John's post HERE, you won't be sorry that you did.

August 22, 2011

Do You Tenkara? I Want To Make You (Marginally) Famous

About a year ago to this date, I hatched an plan that I'd start a semi-regular segment on this blog called "Tenkara Talk."  In preparation, I reached out to more than a handful of tenkara anglers I had met through forums, social networks, emails, etc...and asked them if they wanted to submit THEIR tenkara stories (kinda like a guest post) as a way to help highlight tenkara as a "new-to-us" fishing technique and begin to develop the identities of a newly minted generation of American tenkara anglers.

One of my tenkara outfits

This was the gist of my proposal:
I've been extending invitations to a few folks in the various tenkara communities that I participate in to see if they had any interest in writing a guest post on my blog.  
Not sure what your opinion on blogs are, but was wondering if you had any interest? As a fellow tenkarist(?) I've always admired your posts over on ________ and you clearly share a great enthusiasm for tenkara. 
It could be as long or short as you want; a fishing report, description of a tenkara technique, overview of your favorite stream, pond, or fly, or even just a collection of photos. You'd have total free reign and any writings or photos would be fully credited.  
My blog is not commercial in any way, so I couldn't compensate you other than with gratitude and a reciprocal link if there's a website you write for or are associated with.  
I find this style of fishing so fun & rewarding, I'm just trying to assemble a collection of stories that other anglers that are either not as familiar with, or just skeptical of tenkara might enjoy. 
It's ok to say "no", I won't be offended if you do. However, if this is of any interest, just shoot me back an email me at your convenience. 
Thanks, Mike
I was a really sucky proposal...but if I recall correctly it was also impulsively conceived well after midnight one evening under the influence of too much Sarsaparilla and Party stained fingers tend to lack focus...

Well, while I did receive a lot of positive responses, I also ended up getting absolutely no follow up material, so I pretty much ditched the idea.  Coincidentally, its failure actually led to the creation of the "Wednesday Nibbles" now you know who to blame for that train wreck.

To top it off, in a inevitable "you snooze/you lose" situation...a blog using the name Tenkara Talk was spun off the Backpack Fly Fishing site earlier this that effectively killed that little idea for good.  At least under that name. (Note, this is not an accusation of any sort, just a coincidence).

OK...with a full year in the rear view, a whole lot more anglers now out there brandishing tenkara rods, and cool sites like THIS popping up each and every day, I figured I'd attempt to give this concept one more try, but this time make the offer very publicly...

Tenkara is one of the most popular subjects here on the blog, so if you're out there reading this and want to submit your tenkara story with full accreditation...whatever it is, positive or be published in a series of similarly themed posts...just shoot me an email HERE.

Oh, and since I already slept on a good name once, I decided to grab the protect myself in the odd circumstance that Troutrageous!-favorite Hacksaw Jim Duggan decides to tie a string on the end of his 2x4 and write his own blog about it.

Small stream trout...HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

August 20, 2011

2011 Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge

This morning team F#@K CANCER EAST took on the 2011 Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge.  The 5K was our opponent on this particular day, however with my wife K.C. leading our team, it was doomed to suffer the same fate breast cancer did when it decided to mess with her 3 short years ago...a giant FAIL.

I'm proud to report that the team did great, and with the support of friends & family, not only finished our first LIVESTRONG 5K successfully, but are already talking about tackling next year's 10K.  Well, that is after K.C. flies down to Austin, TX in a little under two months to smack the LIVESTRONG around one more time in 2011.  

Screw you cancer.  Screw you 3.1 miles.  Like either of you stood a chance.

K.C. getting emotional placing her Survivor sign at the LIVESTRONG Village on Friday
There were many tears of joy cried today
Pre-race smiles
Doing the proper pinning
K.C.'s sign
Post race smiles.

In all seriousness, this morning was a great experience.  Not being "runners"...or even walkers before this year, K.C. and our neighbor Karen (pictured above, who lost her mother to cancer) were a little apprehensive heading in.  Heck, I thought I'd be vomiting roadside after the first quarter mile.  However, their months of early morning training definitely paid off.

K.C.'s spirit and drive continue to amaze and inspire; I take comfort knowing Lilly has such a strong role-model for a mother.  Every tear of joy K.C. shed today was hard-earned, every hug she received at the finish line was well deserved.  I am honored to run alongside her throughout the rest of this journey.

August 19, 2011

Fancy New Budget Fly Rod? Wright & McGill Generation II

Saw the news release from Wright & McGill the other day highlighting their new $99 Generation II fly rods.  The new rod boasts CNT technology, the same carbon nanotube technology that has been used in other high end sporting goods like baseball bats & bicycle components.  Simply put, this rod is supposed to "bring it" at a very reasonable price point.
Click on image to enlarge

DENVER, COLORADO – The Wright & McGill Co., in an effort to break new barriers in performance, power, weight reduction and value within the fly-fishing industry, is extremely proud to announce the introduction of Generation II S-Curve blank technology fly rods using CNT (Carbon Nano Tube) resins at under $100 retail! 
Our design team has spent hundreds of hours developing what we think is an industry changing performance rod series that is priced to encourage recruitment into the sport of fly-fishing while making these rods available to fishermen and Fly Girls at every ability and economic level.  
Generation II S-Curve rod blank technology is a derivative of the original S-Curve blank that has proven over and over that strength, sensitivity and performance does not have to be followed by lots of zeros!

We’ve taken the original S-Curve design but made it lighter and thinner by using an even higher modulus graphite core and reinforcing layer. Inside we’ve woven PBO fibers, which are two times stronger than Kevlar, with carbon yarn and T-Glass to add strength and performance to every blank. Nano resins are used as the binding agent increasing comparable strength by over 20% to standard resins.  
As good as the new Generation II S-Curve blanks are, we didn’t stop there. We’ve broken new ground in the fly rod market with a handle made of high density rubber that dramatically improves the main point of contact that the angler has with the fly rod. These new handles are more comfortable than cork, last longer than cork and are not slippery when wet. Tradition may call for cork but when performance calls for improvement in materials and design, Wright & McGill always leads the way! 
Every rod is beautifully finished with our unique seven layer paint process which adds a custom, one of a kind touch to your new fly rod. Add high end components like zirconium stripping guides, stainless snake foot guides, a lightweight aluminum reel seat and you have a true performance rod that you can be proud of and you didn’t have to take out a second mortgage to make the purchase. All W&M Generation II S-Curve rods are made in four pieces and include a limited lifetime warranty. 

Now not having casted the rod myself yet (hint, hint W&M...), the one thing I can't get past is the paint job.  Beautiful or horrendous?  You tell me.  Either way it's attention getting.  As always, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

August 18, 2011

Guest Post - Spurky on "Magic Lures"

Spurky sent me another guest post this morning, and I really like where he is going with this. I know when I pick up my fly or tackle box, my fingers subconsciously go to certain patterns first, regardless of conditions. Spurky explores this a bit, then gives his own personal example:

We all have a favorite go to lure, the one we drag out when fishing gets tough. Some of us even tend to get disheartened when even it does not produce.

 Last year found a "magic lure" so to speak. I had been having amazing success with a blue over chartreuse crank bait. I decided to search for a minnow hard bait in that color, which turned out to be almost impossible. I found something close that caught my eye at Bass Pro Shops and grabbed it. A floating Rapala in the color called Cold Steel.

I took it out on my next wading trip,and gosh have mercy on my soul, it was a killer! I mean everything from sunfish to juvenile muskies - they all just beat that poor thing up. Then I lost it on a sunken tree and got that disheartened little boy feeling. I did well on the crank, but it was not the same.

This year that new poor lure has been beaten up so bad by smallies and pickerel the hooks broke and had to be replaced. I do not do number games, but many a trip I switched lures to get a rest!

One question/oddity about this lure is that a lot of times it gets throttled sitting on the surface right after a cast. I got to the point of waiting 5 or 10 seconds before bringing it in, and all but 2 or 3 times the "hammer" has been smallies!

It is amazing that 1 thing can bring so much joy, fun, excitement, and smiles to an already great day on the water.

That is my "magic" lure, what is yours? Why?  
Feel free to share in the comments below.

August 17, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - El Diablo Sighting Edition

Hey, welcome to the Wednesday Nibbles.  I almost didn't write them this week since there was a Monday Nibbles on another blog...but I figured I'd stay true to the game, because, well, that's what I do.  Well, that and give out stickers.

Looks like the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) Show is in New Orleans this week.  Check the website HERE.  Didn't get the invite?  Don't worry, me neither. (By the way is it 'me neither' or 'me either').  Midcurrent & Fly Rod & Reel both usually cover it well for those that need the latest on gear asap.  I'm sure the Angling Trade will chime in too.

Earlier this year I actually had visions of going and asking anyone at any of the manufacturers that would talk to me on camera stupid questions like, "who was the hottest 'Facts of Life' chick," but alas, poor planning and the intention of going to some sort of OBN Summit kinda derailed those plans.  Oh well...we all know the answer was Mrs. Garrett anyway.

DUDE!  Did you see they caught a Chupacabra in Maryland?!?  If you read this blog you know I love that little goatsucking Mexican devil.  I was just there...I could have brought it home with me!!!!

Oh...that's what they're claiming is a Chupacabra.  What a letdown. An even bigger letdown...they let it go! WTF, you catch a freakin' yeti dog and you let it go?!? Hey River Mud, can you do some investigating for me? The video says it likes Chinese food...

Hey fellow Southeastern Pennsylvanians (wow, that's a lot of letters)...who wants to go fishin?  Why fish for stocked trout when you can fish for faux striped bass!  
I said striped bass

Yup. Good ol' Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA is tossing a buttload of hybrid stripers in Orchard Lake (which is basically a farm pond) today, August 17th.  So go grab your surf rods and go git 'em!

A picture from my Washington D.C. trip of a gazelle taking a whiz.  Just because I have a first grade sense of humor.

Okay...enough of that nonsense.  Time for blog love.  This week's goes to Mountains, Rivers, & Trout.  Why?  Because Satoshi rules.  Seriously.  The dude lives it.  And did I mention YNP?  No, well I just did.  So check the blog

August 16, 2011

Washington D.C. Weekend In Pictures

Hey fishing friends...sorry, this post is more for the family-at-large out there.  You're absolutely welcome to look at the pictures below (I mean Lilly is always a big deal around here), but other than a shout to River Monsters and a jab a PETA, this is going to be like watching somebody else's home movies...enthralling.

Subway escalator
Smithsonian Castle
PETA demonstration.  Compared killing pigs for food to killing North Koreans or something like that.
Wonder what North Korean bacon tastes like...
Stuffed animals
Neanderthal boob
Butterfly exhibit
Lilly at dinner overlooking Union Station
Nighttime double-decker bus tour of D.C.
Big pointy thing
Just another house
None too impressed with zebra mural
Watch out for spray zone
What we drove 3 hours to see
Baby gorilla
Goat on playground equipment
Arapaima & Pacu...but no Jeremy Wade
Saturday afternoon downpour
Game Over