Went to the Zoo

Didn't get any fishing in this past weekend.  Which is a shame considering this upcoming week's temperatures...yikes!

Think I'll be leaving those coldwater trout alone unless the weatherman's wrong.  Maybe some of that rain will help the water levels...if it doesn't all dry back up on Thursday & Friday.

As I mentioned before, the weekend yielded no fishing.  Saturday was a day of errands (read: we had no food in the house) and yesterday I took Lilly (& K.C.) to the Philadelphia Zoo.

So this is the part where I bore all of you fishing folks with pics of Lilly intended for consumption by the fam-at-large.  Fishing will be back tomorrow, I promise.
Oh wait...that was me circa 1980...
...that's better.


  1. That's so cool that you have that pic of you, then the pic of Lilly sitting on those hippos. Great treasures for the future!

    Try to stay cool and thanks for the zoo adventure!

  2. Looks like a fun day. Can I borrow your time machine, I want go back to 1980. The Philly Zoo is the best.

  3. Looks like a great family outing!

  4. I want to ride in the swan boat!

  5. Didn't you snatch any of those beautiful feathers?

  6. My first thought was, "Free peacock herl!"

  7. 90's and raining. I don't know what is worse, that or 90's and the humidity in Philly. The people down the street at Daffodil Hill have a bunch of Peacocks. Haven't been able to get any feathers, yet.


  8. You need to get all those activities in and done, and ten days supply of ice cream and ice laid in to get you through that forecast. I can't even rollcast on a day like that. Make sure you get some emergency popsicles for Lilly. The heat is on.

  9. Nice to see pooar bears in their natural environment.

    Oh, and I like the hippo pictures

  10. @kmurray
    Thanks Kari, didn't even know the statue was still there...it's moved since back in the day.

  11. @Fly and Fin
    I'll see if Doc Brown's fixed the flux capacitor.

  12. @e.m.b.
    That was fun. It was Lilly's reward bribe to eat her lunch. Parenting is magical.

  13. @hawkbird
    No, but I commented to my wife about 10 times about the flies I wanted to tie.

  14. @Jason Klass - Tenkara Talk
    You, hawkbird, & I evidently have the same sickness.

  15. @Fontinalis Rising
    The freezer is stocked with push pops. GTG.

  16. @Clif
    Agreed. Speaking of natural environments...people watching at the zoo could be a whole other post.

  17. Kinda got here late, but I want to say that Lilly looked absolutely darling for the zoo...and did you notice that there is something new next to my blog name over to the right??? No longer a boring B!!! : )

  18. The pictures and the zoo look great. Looks like Lilly had a blast. The weather is really sucking all around the united states. I will cross my fingers for some cooler temps. Maybe even some snow:) Tight Lines.

  19. @Trout Magee
    Some snow would be nice...at least until I had to shovel it.


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