July 13, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Headed to Charlotte Edition

Cuttin' the Wednesday Nibbles short this week.  Running off to Charlotte again for business tomorrow and I've got some stuff to do tonight...not so much time for blogging.  So here's some half-concocted thoughts...which will likely be more coherent than my usual jibberjabber.

The web is going nuts for Google+ right now.  Heck, I am too, it's pretty cool.  But has anyone checked out the new YouTube yet...codename Cosmic Panda?  Holy crap!  Click HERE if you're not down yet and waste like a half hour watching Nyan Cat over and over and over.
The new Troutrageous! channel

Speaking of Nyan Cat, got a nice photo from one of my long time blog buddies (name withheld, but you likely know him) of his cat...intently watching the Phillies...and even better, watching them spank the Braves.  He claims the cat is "indiscriminant" about the baseball she watches, but I think we all know she's just enamored with Roy Halladay.
John Mayberry, Jr. about to rake!
Here's a video I found on Vimeo.  I like it, shows you what you can do with one of those Hero Cams in a fishing setting.  Give it a whirl if you've got 4 minutes to burn.

This week's blog love goes to Wild Fly 365 which is a relatively new addition to the blogroll.  I'm particularly fond of this blog because it's somewhat local, with many of the posts taking place in PA or NJ streams.  George (the author) catches some really fine browns, brookies, & 'bows...and has made me want to try a size 14 beetle my next time out.

I actually stumbled upon this blog a little while back, but was re-introduced when George hit me up for some stickers.  I have to admit, it's been a nice little side effect from the sticker thing...meeting other bloggers that don't usually participate in the comments around here...and there's a lot of good ones to read and add to the ever expanding blogroll!  So do yourself a favor, head over to Wild Fly 365 and give it a read (& follow).


  1. Give me a little heads-up the next time you're coming to Charlotte and maybe I can put you on some water. At the very least, we could find a beer somewhere. I'm only a couple hours east and have a son living there in the Queen City. Happy trails!

  2. I agree, George does a great job on his blog. It's a wonderful read, and he does catch fish.

  3. U Down with CLT? Yeah you know me! And Mike - I'll probably do the same the next time I'm down there (I DON'T NEED AN INVITE BWAHAHAHAHAHA) - my wife's family is in Hickory.

  4. Just let me know! I pass through HIckory regularly - on my way to the Smokies. Open invitation!

  5. wow! Thanks for the "blog love"!! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog! I cant believe that I'm actually seeing my blog on your blog in a post. Thank you for the kind words and for introducing your followers to my blog.

    I hope one day I can return the kindness.

    Thanks again!


    P.S Take a beetle to valley creek and get your net out!