July 27, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - The Fabio Edition

Took the day off from the blog scene yesterday because I wanted a break.  Am I rested & recharged?  Maybe, maybe not.  Who cares, it's Wednesday, which means the Nibbles, which is a pretty random selection of posts that I don't have to work that hard to compile.  So there.

First off, got a nice little note on Twitter.  Evidently introduced somebody...or at least convinced them...that Tenkara was worth a try.  He even wrote a blog post about it.  Nice.  Pin a button on my chest that says "tenkara ambassador" or something, right?

So just remember Daniel, Paul, Igor, or maybe even Adam...I want my 15% "affiliate fee" when MusketCreek buys his first rod.  Okay?...cool.

You see this?...yeah, Fabio challenged the Old Spice Guy the other day to a duel.  At first I was apprehensive, especially considering I was such a big fan of the old Old Spice Guy...but Fabio is really great in the role.  (& for some reason reminds me of Bolton on SNL)  If you've got some time to waste...watch the string of videos HERE.  If you don't want to watch...here's a tease of the trash talk.

Back to fishing.  Ye Olde Trout Club...aka the Stony Creek Anglers...had our annual Open House last Sunday.  Considering it was 95 degrees and humid, followed by a downpour of rain, I think the turnout was pretty good.  Not sure if we ended up recruiting a bunch of new members, but lots of kids showed up which is kind of the point.
Checking out the pens
Did I mention we have another blue trout fingerling this year?

Also had a fun time talking to the guys that stopped by from the Plymouth-Whitemarsh High School Fly Fishing Club (why didn't my school have clubs like that?).  They were really excited about fishing, conservation, and tied some mean flies.

One more stupid video.  No words necessary.

With that out of the way, time for the blog love.  Actually, none of these blogs are likely going to be new to you...rather I'll toss some love out to the guys that made the TU/OBN trip this past week - Sanders, Owl, Mike, & Travis.  Watching from afar it looks like these guys all had a great time and I'm sure over the next week or two as they all return home they're going to be posting great recaps of the outing from their respected points of view.  Oh, and I'm sure Chris from EMBT will have something to say too.
Courtesy Mike's Gone Fishin'...Again

Actually, while I'm certain the pics of the scenery & fish are going to be great, I think we're all going to need more info on Travis' trip ending "hike with a local resident."  Atta guy...us fishermen are all about chasin' tail.


  1. That blue trout is cool.

  2. As for Travis' little side adventure ... "What happens in Montana stays in Montana." But ... she's a total hottie... Just sayin'