July 23, 2011

Ten Fishing Things To Do When It's 100 Degrees Outside

It's been hot here the last few days (I'm sure you've heard that already).  Another day of 100 degree temps are in store today.  Even if I wanted to go fishing, the water levels are so low it would almost be cruel to pester the fish on a day like this.

So instead, I'm in a climate-controlled environment - my house (specifically my basement, heat rises right?) - thinking of some fishing related activities to fill my day.  I will share them with you, because that's what I do.

10.  Watch a movie.  I'm sure I can get 'A River Runs Through It' on Netflix.  Screw it, I've got 'Gladiator' on DVD.

9.  Tie some flies - heck if it's what folks do in the extreme cold, why not the extreme heat.  Oh yeah, heat stroke induced dizziness makes staring at tiny beads & feathers impossible.

8.  Stay hydrated.  Yeah, got that one covered.

7.  Catch up on some overdue reading.

6.  Eh, forget the print mags, how about goofing around on the computer ("RT"ing, "Like"ing, and "+1"ing) and reading some blogs I like and the plentiful e-magazines...but then again, I pretty much do that every day anyway.

5.  Buy stuff I don't need from Deals on the Fly, Cabela's, AmazonEMS, L.L. Bean, or whomever...oops, again, see end of #6.
Would look solid with a T! affixed to the side

4.  Pre-write some blog posts for next week.  Perhaps some tenkara + photoshop magic is in the cards...

3.  Clean my gear, waders, fly lines, etc...  No way, screw that.

2.  Charge batteries in advance for camera & camcorder.  As typically I either wait until the night before (and end up forgetting to put said charged battery back in my camera for the next morning), or don't charge them at all, which leads to streamside profantiy.

1.  Nap.  Dreaming of fishing of course.

Let the napping commence...


  1. only you! ROTFLOL

  2. Oh that's hilarious! I love it!

    Stay thirsty my friend.... Oh wait. Different beer...

  3. definitely keep reading "some blogs you like." did i mention you have great taste in blogs? those mgd's should magically change into high lifes.

  4. Wish I had thought of this post & written it up! And I just woke up from a nap! It's 103 here!

  5. Mike
    All excellent ways to beat the heat, and believe it or not I have done all, but more so in the winter months. Check out my latest post for fishing in the sun. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great post. We're finally getting the heat wave here in Oregon. It's been cool and wet up until today.

  7. Sarsaparilla? From the Wild West? LOL Never seen that stuff around here. Oh yeah, it's hot.

  8. Some truly awesome ideas in there! By the way, I just got my real kayak in honor of the duct tape one in the mail. Is it cool if I name it the "Troutrageous"? Spray paint the name on the side, Throw some of your stickers on there, that sort of thing? This is how the whole thing started, so it seems fitting.

  9. seems like the heat is everywhere. i started wading in a swimsuit this summer!

  10. darn, i went fishing...more casting practice than hook-ups, but there a few. i did practice tying knots...lol.
    you ten things to do seem more productive... :-0

  11. Staying hydrated and napping sound like some great priorities! My #1 would have to be to go up to higher elevations and keep fishing though.

  12. @Ivan
    Yeah, he beers in the pics are hardly beer - MGD64? - better to keep hydrated. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

  13. @Bill Trussell
    Checked it out. Liked the use of umbrellas.

  14. @Steven
    I'd gladly trade places whenever you'd like.

  15. @Bill
    Yeah, canned right in Allentown, PA...is that Wild West enough for ya?

  16. @blake
    Started? Have you moved on to less attire. If so, please keep it to yourself. :)

  17. @Clif
    You're a brave guy. I guess as long as there's water to fish in, yeah, that's an option too.

  18. @LOAH
    Somebody has to be the overachiever.