July 28, 2011

Some More Nibbles

You know what's interesting about eating corn?  You usually see it again the next day.  With that in mind, I bring you a bit more randomness in the form of a condensed Nibbles Part Two.  Nibbles...niblets...corn...get it? You know, because when it rains randomness it pours poorly composed blog posts.

First, thanks to Dave over at Pa Fly Fish - the online fly fishing destination for Keystone Staters.  It's got an active forum (to which I occasionally lurk), a blog, and all kinds of other interesting stuff like Jamborees, yearly calendars, you get the point.  Very active in social media too, like Twitter & Facebook, if you're into that sorta thing.

Anyway, there was a T! Party over on the Pa Fly Fish blog yesterday, the full post of which can be read HERE.  Nice to see some of my blogbuddies & favorite reads make the list too.  You guys know who you are.

On to some other business.  You know those free stickers you guys are sticking everywhere...well 3 weeks in, I'm not diggin' the way the one on my car is "aging" so I'm ordering up some heavier duty stickers.  The originals were supposed to be for "outdoor use," but like I said, I'm just not happy and stuff like that bothers me.

So, if you stuck one on your car, kayak, etc...(anything outside) and haven't sent me a picture yet to let me know, shoot me an email and I'll toss you a new one when they come in.  If you have sent a pic...I already got you covered.  Fortunately, if you used one on your tying bench, fly or tackle box, KFC bucket, laptop, etc...(anything largely indoors) you should be all good.  Sorry about that all, but again, they were free.
I'd consider this outdoors.

Randomness from the email inbox...The Herring Alliance wants us to protect menhaden, river herring and shad. Big surprise out of a group called "The Herring Alliance," right? I actually got two different emails about this, so it's probably worth a look....HERE. Basically, it's one of those e-petition type things asking the the Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to take some action in their next meeting. Sounds good to me...
Do it.  Now.  Wuss.

Those infamous Cheeky boys have a new reel coming out called the Ambush 375.  If you preorder it before August 15th using the coupon code AMBUSH you get $50 off.....the insanely high price of $640.  That's like a 7.8% discount (which is not so impressive when put in those terms, huh?)

Hey, if you HAVE to make like Elton John and score a technicolor reel to chase large trout, bass, and small salmon, I guess this is right up your alley.  Me?  $640 buys a lot of UTZ Party Mix & A-Treat Sarsaparilla (the offiical food & drink of Troutrageous!).

Last but not least, Joel's selling tenkara t-shirts of his own design over at his A Year On The Fly blog.  As a "long time" supporter (of both Joel & tenkara), I ordered mine up last night.  You should too.  I mean it's like art you can wear on your body and not necessarily regret 20 years from now when your skin gets all saggy and your man-boobs droop down to your waist.
Think about it.  It's only $17 + shipping...
and much cooler than wearing a polo pony or little alligator on your chest.


  1. Is that a cane pole on the shirt?

  2. I have not been able to send in any pictures of where I put my sticker....I guess I missed the mailing list boat. :)

  3. @Coyote Luke
    I don't necessarily need pics. If you stuck it outdoors - on a car, boat, etc... just let me know. I'll send you a new one when they come in.

  4. So that's what the outdoors looks like...

  5. @Sanders
    That's why it's called the "GREAT" outdoors!

  6. Wait a second Bro Naimath, explain to me how the herring alliance is going to save herrings with osprey?

    That's like have a Ducks Unlimited ad featuring a fox.

  7. @Swamp Thing
    It's eco-system thang cousin. Those Osprey gotta eat something. Everyone wins when herring swim free...or something like that...

  8. That one sticker seems to be holding up just fine!