July 9, 2011

Socially Speaking

No real blog post of substance today. However, a couple small social items of note....

First, what a great response to the Len Harris guest blog post.  It's quickly become the 6th most popular post in my blog's 3 year history.  Part of the popularity surely has to do with Len's reputation...while the rest I'm certain comes directly from Trout Unlimited's pickup on Facebook.
Trout Unlimited TU Facebook Troutrageous Len Harris Driftless Area Wisconsin

Second, I've been playing around on that new Google+ thing for the past few days.  Facebook killer???  Beats me, but it's pretty cool once you figure out what's going on.  Had a video chat (called a "Hangout") with Kyle, Matt, & Tyler last night...heck, even Owl stopped by for a spell rather than packing for his big trip.  Was pretty fun even though Matt's wife kept chiming in from the background & Tyler's video cam was totally boycotting the entire event. :)  Should be a nice compliment to the ever growing social media menu once the bugs are worked out.  
Google+ Hangouts

If you're curious about Google+ and want to give it a try but can't get in...email me your Gmail email address and I'll send you an invite (if it lets me, it's finicky)...but you'll need to find my email address on your own.  It's on the blog somewhere, if you want it bad enough, you can figure it out. (Hint, it's not a Gmail email address)

Otherwise, think I'm going to take the time this weekend to catch up on what everyone else has been doing in blogdom.  I haven't been a great poster lately, and I've unfortunately been an even worse reader.  I can tell from scanning the post titles in the blogroll over on the right that a lot of cool stuff has been going on...so I guesss I'll see you in your "comments."

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