July 15, 2011

Making The Rounds

Got back from Charlotte late last night.  Trying to get my bearings after 2 days of looking at painted sheet metal & inhaling ethanol fumes.  Anyway, feel like I've got a lot of fishing stuff to write over the weekend...so bear with me.

As for today?  Well...I'm gonna make Saturday (tomorrow) the last day to get in on the free sticker action for now.  (Need to get some more envelopes & stamps - had no idea so many people would want in).  So if you want a few, shoot me an email and I'll get 'em out to you pronto.

As for the first batch...well, they already seem to be rearing their ugly mugs...thanks to a few reader supplied photos.
...angling across america...or at least to Yellowstone...
...gettin' Fishy too.

Got photos of T! stickers stuck in inappropriate places?  Shoot me a pic and I'll post it.  Can't promise anything tangible other than having your fishmobile, tackle box, or body part immortalized...for tens of millions of readers to see...but hey, it's something, right?


  1. Received my stickers today Mike. Thanks, I'll be shooting you a photo as soon as I wash my car!

  2. Hope nobody gets jealous that I have apparently had my T! sticker for 5 years. My other car is a DeLorean. Stupid camera