July 19, 2011

Looking For A Job in the Fishing Industry?

Looking for something to do?  The MAN got you down?  Surely there must be a reason for you to be unproductively wasting your time reading this.

Thought it was somewhat interesting that I had two job emails pop up in my inbox yesterday.  No, they weren't soliciting me, they were simply part of email lists I subscribe to.

First off to all you Pennsylvanians...the PA Chapter of Trout Unlimited needs bodies.  Like not anybodies...but people to run importantish sounding stuff.  With titles that sound eminently powerful to boot.  I can't fathom such responsibility, however once the PATU needs a self-absorbed, tenkara slinging, social media maven with mediocre writing and even worse people skills on their staff, I'm in!  

PA Council of Trout Unlimited is looking for nominations for officers for the Executive Committee
Positions are: President, Vice Presidents (2), Regional Vice Presidents (6), Secretary, Treasurer, and National Leadership Council Representative.
For a description of all positions please visit the patrout.org website. If you would like to be nominated or would like to nominate someone for one of these positions please email your nomination to Samantha Kutskel (c-skutskel@state.pa.us) by August 1st. All nominations will be announced on the patrout.org website by August 19th, and an announcement will be sent to all chapter presidents. Voting for officers will take place at the annual fall meeting October 1st.  If you have any questions please contact Samantha.

Not your box of flies?  Okay, how about these...

Fly Fishing Category Specialist

Cabela’s World Foremost Outfitter of Hunting and Fishing Gear has an immediate opening for a Category Specialist in our Fly Fishing Department located at our corporate office in Sidney, NE.
The primary principal for this position is to coordinate and execute the beginning of the product life cycle from product conception to market launch. This includes but is not limited to item set up, sample tracking and vendor file maintenance.


Customer Service Manager

Simms Fishing Products, the leader in Fly Fishing waders, footwear, sportswear and other fishing products is looking for a Customer Service Manager.
Note:  I have never dealt with Simms CS and does not reflect a real life experience...yet...
This role will insure the highest level of customer service in our industry, by overseeing the Customer Service/Retail Representatives and acting as the Simms ambassador to dealers, consumers, and the Simms Sales Organization and will interface with customers to resolve product and service issues. Successful candidates will have demonstrated success with call center management. This position will report into the Director, Sales and Service.

Specific duties will include: Customer Service Management; Call Center development and metric management; Customer Service Account Management; supporting Sales Department; Manage the Logo Customer Service function.

I'm sure there's more out there with a little sleuthing. Like I said, these just meandered my way and felt like sharing.  Yeah, I'm nice like that.

The point of this post? Beats me, I just wanted to write something about fishing today...and I'm holding out some of better stuff for tomorrow.  You know, for that annoyingly recurring post I write.

P.S....note the new Google+ icon hovering over thar on in the left margin. For you Stevie Wonders out there, it looks like this:

If you're already playing in that sandbox and we aren't already "circled," give it a click. Especially if you're hot...and not yet ANOTHER dude...into fishing.


  1. This pictured handsome, outdoorsy dude would no more move to Sydney, Nebraska than fish warm water...oh wait...never mind. Oh and thanks for posting me with that creepy Burger King guy. I certainly come out a winner in a beauty contest with him. I forgot why I came here...

  2. Cosifher is a ringer for that job. Good job making the connection.

  3. I'd apply for all of those positions, except they sound like they're fishing related, not fishing. Also, they're jobs, not fishing. I already have a job I hate. I hereby nominate Cofisher for all of the PATU positions concurrently.

  4. Thanks guys! My wife just saw this and now has me penciled in to work another 5 years!!