July 14, 2011

Limerick Carnival 2011

Hey there- it's me - K.C. hijacking Troutrageous! again. Mike - seriously - don't stay logged in if you don't want me hacking into the blog. bwahahahahaha!

For the second year in a row Mike has been out of town during our local town carnival. So being the awesome mom that I am- I took Lilly. Carnivals are a rite of passage, it's like cheating death each time you board a rusty Scrambler, or climb up rickety stairs holding a burlap sack to cruise down the Super Slide. My favorite last night was the kiddie boat ride that had a ROPE "lap bar". Rope. I'm not sure what that says about me as a parent, you know- allowing my one and only child to go on these rides, but it would probably be a disservice to withhold such institutions of summer from my child.

Nonetheless, Lilly LOVES carnivals and rides. She even convinced me to go on some spinny off kilter thing that was tolerable until it started going backwards. Then I had to close my eyes and focus on keeping my Chic-fil-A dinner in my digestive tract.

After our tickets were used up, we headed inside the Fire House and played BINGO. Yes- BINGO. For $1 a game, you got a sheet with 6 cards. We didn't win- but came close a couple times. After 3 games Lilly was bored.... and thirsty.... and hungry.

(Lilly is in the yellow shirt)


  1. Why log out? It's not like you don't know my passwords anyway... Glad you and Lilly had fun.

    Leaving Michael Waltrip Racing now...what an impressive facility!

  2. She looks like she is having the time of her life.

  3. Look at her! Completely oblivious to the fact her live is in danger. So cute.

    So cute.

  4. In east P A there once was a fair
    Dad weren't home, so mom took her there
    Her name was Lilly
    She got kinda silly
    Riding the coasters without a care