July 12, 2011

The Kid...

...lost her first tooth yesterday.  You know what that means...


(A aside - thanks for all of you suckers that wanted in on the stickers yesterday.  First batch is going out in the mail today.  Please send pics of where you stick 'em!)


  1. I had to hide the pliers from my son once he found out the tooth fairy brought cash :)

    Sending you an email in a few before you run out of stickers. I'll put it on the fish wagon beside my FHB sticker , promise.

  2. TWo dollars? Good thing I'm not Lilly's agent...you'd be paying big time.

  3. Those are ONES - I agree with CO Fisher - Lilly needs an agent. I have a few spare minutes - and I'll only charge her 25%!!

  4. Will you be my tooth fairy. I used to get 10 cents for a regular tooth and 25 cents for a molar. I like your pay plan much better.


  5. the $2 was bribery from mom-mom and uncle andy to get the tooth out. mom-mom tricked lilly and said she had cheese on her mouth, rubbed her lip really hard and the tooth popped out. the tooth fairy brought $5, bringing the grand total to $7.

  6. two bucks if it falls out, several K to the surgeon if they come out with a pliers? something ain't right.

    tell her if she saves 'em all up, she can afford a...pflueger medalist?! jeez...