July 1, 2011

Insert Witty Title Here

First day of July.  Wow, the keg that is 2011 is halfway kicked.

Is it gonna be hot as balls where you are this weekend?
If so, remember it's winter in New Zealand...at least that's what René Vaz and the crew from the Manic Tackle Project tells us.

So stop being a sweaty mess of mush and check out the latest issue of Flyfishers, Inc. It's online, it's free, makes those cool page turning sounds, and there are pictures of snow & obscenely large trout.

It's almost as good at cooling you off as an 1/2 cherry, 1/2 blue Icee... almost.


  1. 110 heat index in Chicago today, hope it cools down this weekend

  2. Haha! The half and half is king! Although, the Coca-Cola flavor was always my favorite.