A Crisp, Cool Sunday

Went fishing at Valley yesterday feeling renewed.  After a few weeks away and a stop in the Hershey area in-between, it was nice to be "home" again.

Water was nice and cool, as were the air temps beneath the canopy of trees lining the creek.  A nice escape from the 90+ degree weather we've been dealing with all week.

I brought 4 to hand with the 3-weight, but numbers weren't my concern.  On a day like this, worry stayed at home; contentment was my fishing partner.


  1. Looks like a good day! Valley is a beautiful little stream to fish and full of wild browns. Nice pics.

  2. Awesome stuff, man! Good to see you out there nailing some browns. Any patterns that out produced the other? Good post.

  3. My kind of place and fish! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great photos.... lovely browns too.

  5. Horse crossing...

    Great post...glad to see you got out and put a bend in the rod...well done!

  6. Michael
    Outstanding trout images and outdoor shots too. They had to be a blast on the 3wt. By the way it looks like you have my fly reel, don't you just love that little 2/3 Redington Drift. It is one of the lightest I have ever fished. Is that a Redington fly rod? Thanks for sharing

  7. I KNOW I've seen those tree roots somewhere...

  8. Hey! looks like the trout shrunk,going to explore above big boys hole,see if fly rod can work for your next "get away"

  9. @George
    Yes it is. Love that it's what I'd consider my "home" water.

  10. @Coloradocasters
    I was having the most luck with a modified beadheaded prince of my own design. I'm sure someone else has tied it before and it has a real name...maybe someday I'll post it.

  11. @John
    Thanks! You can come fish with me anytime!

  12. @Brk Trt
    Thanks Brk...but I need to get into some brookies like you chase this fall. THOSE are beautiful fish!

  13. @Sanders
    Yep. That pic was a group of 3 riders...didn't want to blatantly snap pics. They were some beautiful horses.

  14. @Bill Trussell
    I'm enjoying my Redington outfit quite a bit. The reel is on a 7'6" Redington Classic Trout. Rod isn't too fast or too slow.

  15. @spurky
    They didn't shrink...these are native browns, left the pig rainbows in the Quittie!


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