July 21, 2011

Anybody Got Any Info on the Cortland Area?

My wife and I bought a "vacation package" from one of those limited time sale websites the other day.  It's our version of an outdoor compromise.

See K.C. abhors the outdoors.  Maybe that's a strong statement, but there's no chance she'd ever go camping.  Like ever.  Sleep in a tent?  Use communal bathroom facilities (if there's bathrooms at all)?  No way.  Never.  
Does this thing come with Quilted Northern?

Me?  I have a growing appreciation for the outdoors.  I fish, and although I never really camped or stuff growing up, I have no aversions to any of the scenarios above.  I'm a MAN for chrissakes.
now with Thirsty O's...

So back to our trip.  It's a compromise because while we're going to a nice outdoorsy area, we're not exactly roughing it.  No, instead we're staying at a "Mountain Resort" in Cortland, NY...yeah, like one with fancy showers, restaurants, and an indoor waterpark.  Yes, I said an indoor waterpark. 
Bet I can get a pedicure here...

That said, when K.C. is not getting all pampered or when Lilly isn't zooming down waterslides, it will hopefully give me a chance to take the girls off the property and go out & about and do some outdoorish stuff.  Stuff like take hikes, have a picnic, rent a rowboat, or even go fishing.  I know there's a lake to fish nearby...but I know nothing of trout streams, to which my fingers are crossed.  I mean it's in Cortland, and there's a fly line company of the same name there right?

I know I've got some Mid-Atlantic & New Englanders that read this blog.  I also know there's a lot of outdoorsy types too...I mean I can smell your unshowered bodies.  Has anybody ever been to this area?  Anybody got anything for me here?  'Googling it' will only take me so far.  

It's going to be a trip over a long weekend, and we're talking uncharted territory (on so many levels) so I want to attempt to make the most of it.  My influence over my family's future outdoor experiences may very well hinge on it.

Kindly accepting suggestions/recommendations in the comments section below...


  1. I knew that you looked familiar... Isle 5 with the paper products! Of course...

  2. I was up there (Ithaca, Seneca) 3 years ago for a wetland construction class. It's mostly good news........TONS of access (though unmarked and primitive), LOW pressure (except for the best spots, kind of like Florida), TONS of fish (your mileage may vary, as I was focused on smallmouth), and very friendly (though gruff) people.

    The bad part is that other than the actual resort areas (which are beautiful), the region is extremely depressed economically. D.E.A.D. dead. Now, if you're like me, you LOVE that post-apocalyptic rustbelt industrial landscape, but if your wife is like mine, she does not.

    My trip up there in August (08) found a surprising amount of water, landlocked trout in lakes, and easy fishing (i.e. dumb fish) anywhere that I had to hike more than a quarter mile to get in the water.

    That being said, I had hardly any time to fish, because we were tromping around on public land and building swamps with bulldozers.

    Enjoy it - we've been trying to get back to Seneca ever since I made that trip!

  3. Fly line / river, same name = fishing HAS to be good. ;)

  4. Have some fun and enjoy your trip...look forward to hearing about it!

    ...will there be a product review for the camp toilet?

  5. Why would one want a Rothco portable camp toilet when one could have The world famous Uncle Boogers Bumper Dumper? The ultimate in camping toilets.


    Have a great trip.


  6. don't speed on Cortland. I got a massive ticket there last year doing 85 in a 55.

    Also, you're a little over an hour south of the famous Salmon River! Definitely worth the drive. There are browns and smallies in it right now, and you can also fish Lake Ontario. Syracuse is close as well.

  7. fish for honeys in the water park.

  8. I grew up in binghamton ny and have skied at greek peak a couple of times. Back then, I wasn't that into fishing but i know the fishing in binghamton isnt too great. youll be about 30 mins from 3 of the finger lakes (cayuga being the best out of the three). Cayuga has some big lake trout and a decent largemouth population. the closest lake i know of near there is whitney point reservoir. I have never had luck there only pulling out a small pike and smaller walleyes. I have never done any fly fishing up there so i know nothing of the trout streams. you will be minutes away from the tioughnioga river which the ny record musky came out of so you might want to tie some 2/0 caddis flys and go for those. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  9. I live in that area. The Greek Peak water park is new and a lot of people are raving about it. There is good fishing at one of the many gorges and falls.