July 3, 2011

Adding To The T-Shirt Collection?

Was thinking of printing up some t-shirts.  No, not the CafePress or Zazzle type stuff, but like a real screen printed (or whatever) t-shirt.  Was goofing around last night and slapped this design together pretty quickly using the potential supplier's online design tool.  (Was nice they had a distressed font almost identical to mine).

So...worth doing?

I'm not really looking to sell these TFM or Arizona Wanderings style, I just figure that since I wear other blogger's shirts quite a bit, why not start wearing my own every now and then.  Us fishing bloggers are nothing but case studies in vain self-promotion, right?

That said, I might order more than just 2 or 3 for personal use (it's cheaper that way).  If you'd have any interest, just let me know in the comments below (and note a size).  I wouldn't hold you to anything...just trying to get an idea of a representative size run to order...you know instead of just buying a bunch of XLs. Plus, I obviously won't know a price until I know a cost.  Or just tell me I'm an idiot...wouldn't be the first time.

(BTW, if you're a blogger that sells stuff, feel free to note that in the comments too...FREE PLUG!)


  1. I would be interested, Mike! Thinking I would wear a large. Good luck, either way, when you go forward with this idea. I have been contemplating a hat or something similar over on my blog. Just don't know how many people would enjoy being "Ass Backwards Anglers"!

  2. I will order if you can get it here by Aug 8th! (Need it in time for the Rocky Mtn. Frenzy and the roadie videos) Ha. Production time...I know...see if you can make it happen. It would be way cool.

  3. I'll take a Large. Once I have the tech stuff on my end figured out I'll have shirts of my own for sale.

  4. Sweet! Thanks all. Guess I'll get those to printin' after the long weekend. Might also make for good "contest loot."

  5. I'm all late in wrong with this but if you feel the prices you got are too high, let me know. I have two employees that screen print t-shirts, hats, etc. One does long runs where its a min of 25 shirts and the other does short runs 1 to 10 or 15 shirts (and sizes don't matter). I'm in Delaware so I'm not far from ya where the mail will take a week to get to ya ;)Just throwing it out there as an option.

  6. We're gonna join you in the Teeshirt biz. Got a couple of designs up on Google+ today. I'll send you one when they get here. let me know your size, talking fish man. I'm guessin a ladies small? ;) lol