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The Worst Fly Fishing Guide On Earth

Yeah, that honor has got to go to me.  Or at least the title of worst "amateur" guide on Valley Creek.  Yeah, that Valley Creek...the one where I always catch those little wild brown trout that regularly grace the e-pages of this blog.  Unfortunately, every time I try to show someone where to catch 'em, it hardly goes as planned.

First, my friend Spurky.  He got the skunk two winters ago.  Not sure if he's been back since.

Next my friend "Swattie" from the PAanglers forum.  I never wrote a blog post about it, but at least he caught one that day.  Luckily I do have the pics to prove it...

Yesterday, it was Matt, (aka Functioning Fishaholics guy) who fell victim to my jinxed guiding ways.

We met around 7AM in one of the main parking areas.  I brought some extra gear like tenkara rods, but we decided we were going to fish with the fly rods...Matt had his fiberglass Cortland (which is a really cool retro rod BTW), I had my Redington CT.  The weather was warm, t…

Kimberton Fair 2011

Took the fam to the Kimberton Fair last night.  After getting off to a rough (& wet) start...we settled in quite nicely.  Nothing more, just pics.

A Short Video Not of My Making

I make really crappy videos.  scumliner media (aka Headhunters Fly Shop) does not.  Here's the latest short "Stalker," enjoy.

Stalker from scumliner media on Vimeo.
There's also backstory found HERE.
You fishin' this weekend?  I might, we'll see.  Either way, Happy Friday.

Some More Nibbles

You know what's interesting about eating corn?  You usually see it again the next day.  With that in mind, I bring you a bit more randomness in the form of a condensed Nibbles Part Two.  Nibbles...niblets...corn...get it? You know, because when it rains randomness it pours poorly composed blog posts.

First, thanks to Dave over at Pa Fly Fish - the online fly fishing destination for Keystone Staters.  It's got an active forum (to which I occasionally lurk), a blog, and all kinds of other interesting stuff like Jamborees, yearly calendars, you get the point.  Very active in social media too, like Twitter & Facebook, if you're into that sorta thing.

Anyway, there was a T! Party over on the Pa Fly Fish blog yesterday, the full post of which can be read HERE.  Nice to see some of my blogbuddies & favorite reads make the list too.  You guys know who you are.

On to some other business.  You know those free stickers you guys are sticking everywhere...well 3 weeks in, I'…

Wednesday Nibbles - The Fabio Edition

Took the day off from the blog scene yesterday because I wanted a break.  Am I rested & recharged?  Maybe, maybe not.  Who cares, it's Wednesday, which means the Nibbles, which is a pretty random selection of posts that I don't have to work that hard to compile.  So there.

First off, got a nice little note on Twitter.  Evidently introduced somebody...or at least convinced them...that Tenkara was worth a try.  He even wrote a blog post about it.  Nice.  Pin a button on my chest that says "tenkara ambassador" or something, right?

So just remember Daniel, Paul, Igor, or maybe even Adam...I want my 15% "affiliate fee" when MusketCreek buys his first rod.  Okay?

You see this?...yeah, Fabio challenged the Old Spice Guy the other day to a duel.  At first I was apprehensive, especially considering I was such a big fan of the old Old Spice Guy...but Fabio is really great in the role.  (& for some reason reminds me of Bolton on SNL)  If you've go…

Giving My Readers What They Want

I noticed the other day in the little widget over to the right that displays my most popular posts that the "Fountainhead Caddis Series Tenkara Rod Review" has recently skyrocketed to the top.  Checking into the fancypants Google Analytics stats, this was confirmed.  In the last 3 months or so, web searches for things like "caddis tenkara rod" & "tenkara rod review" have sent people here in droves.

With that news I was a little saddened because this event knocked the infamous "Beyonce in a Bikini" post (the former #1 post for quite some time) down another rung on the ladder.  Yes, the "Orvis Android App" post had surpassed it too, but that post was more product plug than anything, and got a ton of traffic the first day because Orvis mentioned it on their Facebook page.

So it got me to thinking.  The corner of the internet that visits this blog seems to like they seem to like Beyonce in a bikini (like who doesn't?…

Ten Fishing Things To Do When It's 100 Degrees Outside

It's been hot here the last few days (I'm sure you've heard that already).  Another day of 100 degree temps are in store today.  Even if I wanted to go fishing, the water levels are so low it would almost be cruel to pester the fish on a day like this.

So instead, I'm in a climate-controlled environment - my house (specifically my basement, heat rises right?) - thinking of some fishing related activities to fill my day.  I will share them with you, because that's what I do.

10.  Watch a movie.  I'm sure I can get 'A River Runs Through It' on Netflix.  Screw it, I've got 'Gladiator' on DVD.

9.  Tie some flies - heck if it's what folks do in the extreme cold, why not the extreme heat.  Oh yeah, heat stroke induced dizziness makes staring at tiny beads & feathers impossible.

8.  Stay hydrated.  Yeah, got that one covered.

7.  Catch up on some overdue reading.

6.  Eh, forget the print mags, how about goofing around on the computer ("RT&q…

It's A T! Party

That first batch of T! stickers has appeared to have made the rounds and are getting stuck.  I'm getting new pictures seemingly daily via email & various social networks in different settings...with them affixed mostly to car windows....but not always.

Here's a quick recap of what's come in to date...
(Actually I already posted the first two HERE)

So first off, thanks everyone for flying the T! flag.  If you've got stickers and haven't snapped a photo yet, please do and send it over!  I've added a tab to the blog of all the pictures submitted.

If you don't have your T! stickers yet...let the heat cool down on this bad boy for a little bit...then I'll unleash them on the world again.

In the meantime, Happy Friday.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekends and tries not to melt in this ridiculous heat.

Anybody Got Any Info on the Cortland Area?

My wife and I bought a "vacation package" from one of those limited time sale websites the other day.  It's our version of an outdoor compromise.
See K.C. abhors the outdoors.  Maybe that's a strong statement, but there's no chance she'd ever go camping.  Like ever.  Sleep in a tent?  Use communal bathroom facilities (if there's bathrooms at all)?  No way.  Never.  
Me?  I have a growing appreciation for the outdoors.  I fish, and although I never really camped or stuff growing up, I have no aversions to any of the scenarios above.  I'm a MANfor chrissakes.
So back to our trip.  It's a compromise because while we're going to a nice outdoorsy area, we're not exactly roughing it.  No, instead we're staying at a "Mountain Resort" in Cortland, NY...yeah, like one with fancy showers, restaurants, and an indoor waterpark.  Yes, I said an indoor waterpark. 
That said, when K.C. is not getting all pampered or when Lilly isn't zoo…

Wednesday Nibbles - Cheapskates Edition

Hey yo.  Time for the Nibbles.  I got what 'chu want...literally.

Why do I say this?  That little sticker giveaway I did last week went obscenely viral yesterday.   Yeah, at like 11:00 AM this website called Free Stuff Times let all of their readers know that I (& interestingly enough Los Angeles Bike Polo???) were giving away free stickers...unfortunately, they didn't realize I stopped giving them out to the masses last Saturday.

So I got out of a work meeting at 11:23 AM and had over 80 bottom feeding trolls (many disproportionately hailing from WV & TN for some reason) emailing me wanting free stickers...and it only got worse when that post was then linked to Fat, and then other places like THIS, THIS, and THIS.  If it was like 8 or 10 folks I would have obliged, but I gave up counting once it went over 150.  I basically politely told all of them to f*ck off and enjoy their LABP stickers...and thanks for all of the web traffic...yeah, bring it on Better …