June 8, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Crappy DIY Edition

Okay, I've forwarded a few decades, the '80s stuff is done, back to the '10s???...and time for the Nibbles!

I like the Instructables website quite a bit.  It's a site that basically tells you how to make stuff - from the incredibly easy to the ridiculously complex.  It's perfect for the DIY demon inside you.  I've been a reader for quite a few years, ever since I wanted to make a jon boat out of PVC pipe, trashbags, & duct tape.

Well, they don't get submissions for a ton of fishing stuff, but this one surfaced a week or so ago.  How to make a fish hook out of a beer soda can tab.
Ghetto fishing...gonna catch me sum orca with these bad boys.

Would these actually be successful at anything besides impaling yourself?  Beats me.  May just have to buy some Busch Pounders this weekend and find out for myself...

I actually got emailed this video from a marketer at Funny Or Die last night.  Are they making the blog rounds and emailing everyone, inquiring minds need to know...?  In any event...Matt Dillion evidently isn't fond of fishing with bait...but he's not a lure or fly fisherman either. Click on the video and you'll see what I mean.  Pretty funny stuff...I just wonder if your fishing license covers this "rod."

So does anybody do the LinkedIn networking thing?  It's basically Facebook for professionals.  Well good ol' Mel might have started a situation as he "LinkedIn" to me a few weeks back, and ever since all sort of fly fishing and blogger types are coming out of the woodwork and doing the same.
Bill & I are tight...just don't tell the folks at Google

The only reason I mention this is because it is the same account I use extensively in my professional life...so is having a bunch of bloggers in your LinkedIn network a bad thing...or should it be kept in the silo of professional-only?  There's nothing bad, just a list of names and what they do...but I'm curious...opinions are welcome please.

You seen the "WTF Sheep" video yet? I must have been sleeping on this or something.  K.C. told me about it.  I swear I've seen one of these with like a horse or cow before, but it still does not reduce how much this plays with your mind.

And to close, of course, blog love.  This week's goes to "On The Fly."

I found this blog on Twitter after getting a follow from George, its author.  Why do I like it?  It's got a clean, simple layout, the posts are on the shorter side and written with a wry wit, and there's a lot of pictures to accompany the posts.  (Ironically the picture in the most recent post is "broken").

I mean what else can you ask for?  Well, I can think of a few things...but my wife & mom both read this blog, so I ain't saying.  Uhhh..do yourself a solid and check out On The Fly before I get myself in trouble.

Oh, and before I go...a few more days to vote for the fish's name.  "Glitterpony Sweetcream" is in the lead over "Tremendous Terrence the Terrific Trout" (aka T4) and "Fartsy the Fish" by a nice margin.  Will the advantage hold through the end of the week?  We'll see.


  1. Those hooks, a great way to recycle.........

    A possible troutrageous1, Mustad merger?

  2. I might have to get that fish gun...I've been looking for ways to maximize my fish yield.

  3. The hook thing is a great survival tip to remember. Speaking of remembering...RIP Matt Dillon.

  4. Thanks for the link, Mike. I don't know if LinkedIn will lead to anything at all. Just thought it would be another resource, amongst the many, that would help get my blog some viewers and some new comments. As Juaquin Andujar (Ex. Pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, once said "I can sum it all up using just one word". "YaNeverKnow".

  5. @Cofisher
    R.I.P. Marshal Matt Dillon...Gunsmoke.

  6. Thanks for the blog bump!

    Also, the only thing more efficient than the fish gun is a shock boat

  7. @Mel
    No worries on the LinkedIn thing...it's a great networking tool for professionals. I'm certain you'll make some great contacts there.

  8. I'm with Mel - Shock Boat is by far superior to the fish gun.

    Great post Mike.