June 1, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Live TV Edition

Hey all, Wednesday Nibbles time again.  No particular theme this week, gonna keep it random, as it should be.

Cool fishing gear find by Cam @ TFM courtesy of his Facebook feed...nobody digs this stuff up better.
Do You Vedavoo?

Vedavoo started as a rock climbing company, but has recently branched out and is now making fly fishing bags & packs.  Even better is that said packs also happen to be made in the U.S.A.

The Tightlines shoulder pack & chest pack are both definitely my style.   I am a purse bag junkie after all.  Check out their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE.

On to other events...Senor Clif alerted me to this masterpiece of TV news.

Reminds me of one of my all time faves, which I also happened to witness on live TV a few years back.  Claudia Rivero...yum.

Here's some randomness from Tuesday night's Twitter #fishchat...

Clearly the marketing potential of the Troutrageous! brand knows no limit...
T! Spotting

Anyone like NASCAR?  No...um...okay...how about potty mouths...0:04 seconds in...  Much like the TV reporters above, live TV mishaps never get old.

Did a little bit of blogroll adding and subtracting this week (mostly adding). So to end, I'll give the blog love to one of Howard's protégées (scary right), Justin from Fish Tales and Fish Tails.

This little dude's got an awesome blog for being a midget...I mean when I was his age I know I wasn't catching fish like this.  Heck, I wasn't catching fish at all, I think I was trying to catch a grade-school honey by pairing a whiteboy box top fade with a fly pair of Z. Cavaricci's, (with tight-rolled cuffs of course).  But I digress...  Check out Justin's blog HERE.

Oh, and while you're still here...Name the fish before Saturday...a'ight?


  1. That young man has a great blog, I'm now following, thanks for the recomendation!

  2. About the box top fade, pictures or I don't believe you.

  3. HAHAHAHA I was going to do my blog shout out to Justin this week as well! Man I really don't miss my olive green Z. Cavaricci's in 8th grade!!! Also congrats on winning box 1 in the tailing loop raffle. You my friend are getting about 80 or 85 of my flies :) If you didn't know you won make sure to contact him with your shipping address so he can get them out. Also let me know how you like the flies!! I would love your opinion. I think 20 or so were tied by others.

  4. Bwahahhah...tight-rolled cuffs....bwahahah. That's a bad memory right there....along with the Swatch watches and Tretorns.

  5. I love the videos. It' cool when stupid is captured for eternity. Good recommendation on Justin's blog. He's really a midget.

  6. Wonder if I can get a pair of them big T! pj's on cafepress...