June 22, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Cleaning Out The Cameras Edition

So not a real edition of Wednesday Nibbles this week.  Since I just got home from a weeklong vacation, I chose to clean out the family's collection of cameras instead.  That said, there's a few photos/videos that haven't been posted yet...but also probably aren't worthy of their own post...so maybe it is Wednesday Nibbles after all...anyway, here they are...(make sure at minimum you scroll to the end).

I caught a lot of bluegill in the canal behind the in-laws' house.  I did get my bass before I left...even though it was panfish sized...

Sanibel Island is littered with shells.  I think there's more shells on the beach than sand.  Here's K.C. with her score.

Sanibel is also very pet friendly.  Was glad Bil, the Spanish Water Dog could tag along.  Also glad the in-laws don't have a cat.

Another picture of Lilly & I in the surf at sunset.

We ate a lot of food.  Not a single calorie do I regret.
Hot Pastrami
Jaxson's sundaes - yes, I got my ice cream
Calamari remnants.  They didn't go uneaten.
Strawberry french toast

Lilly.  I love this kid.
West Siiiiiiide!

And then there was this dude at the airport...
He was dressed...well...sort of like Alex P. Keaton's dad from Family Ties, except he rocked this hat with a tiny feather pointing out the top up front.  He was a sight to behold.  

And, I hate to say it, but he ate like a monkey...perhaps a gorilla.  I was waiting for him to poke a stick down a hole in the floor, pull out ants, and start munching.  I've got video (edited for time - this went on for 10 minutes) to prove it - BTW, he's squatting like a baseball catcher in the aisle, not sitting on a chair.

Very entertaining while waiting to get on a flight.  Things start getting nutty at about 0:26.

Yes...I'm an awful person.  Karma will surely catch up to me. (It actually already did cutting my URL short in the movie credits.)

Sooooooooooo...to make up for it, time for the blog love...which are a simple congrats to two fellow bloggers (actually 5 this week).  

The first are the fab four that won the TU/OBN Montana Fishapalooza contest -  Pretty awesome (& after reading each of their winning posts, well deserved).  They're seemingly in for what should be the trip of a lifetime.  As a regular reader of all 4 blogs, I'm really looking forward to following along as they document their journey.

Second shout goes to Ben @ Arizona Wanderings.  He got a nice post from TC of Trout Underground fame yesterday.  His Mini Hoppers (which I am proud to have a few in my arsenal) have been deemed by the Czar of Mt. Shasta as quite possibly the ultimate small stream fly.  Lucky for you, Ben gives a full tying tutorial on his website, or for those that are bobbin & vise-challenged, sells them too.


  1. looks like Lilly has you wrapped tightly round her pinky,just like Samantha and me

  2. Thanks for the great photos of your southern trip.


  3. Congrats to all 5 bloggers mentioned. I definitely have to get over and order some of those hoppers from Ben, and I love all his posts. Fishing those desert streams is a completely different experience from anything else in the country.
    Airports are fun, kind of like visiting a zoo. You're just as trapped, the food is the same quality, and there's guards there in case guys like that jump the fence and start attacking children. Definitely keep your hands away from his mouth.

  4. Replace hummus with brains, and that guy is at zombie infection stage one. Excellent post!

  5. looks like a great trip, and I can't understand why airports are full of people like this? Maybe it's just because there are so many people that strange habits stand out.

  6. This post made my day. The gorilla-man-in-the-airport bit? My dad does this exact same thing. He calls them "People Studies." My parents will go on a trip, and he'll send me a bunch of photos of 'interesting' people I don't know. Fun. :) Although yes, a little more than odd!

  7. I feel a little dirty after watching that video. Though, it looked like an awesome trip!

  8. i am surprised at the lack of armpit and head scratching.

  9. Hey Hey Hey...Ok, so you caught me on my break during my part time job. Give a guy a break. I don't laugh at you...oh yeah, I do. Well anyway, fun post of your adventures. Can't wait to see you Owl.

  10. @Fontinalis Rising
    Airports can be fun as long as you keep a sense of humor...especially when it comes to loooooong delays.

  11. @Bruce
    A lot of people in close quarters...the quirks stand out.

  12. @e.m.b.
    Glad you enjoyed it. I have a "Dude Look At That Guy" photo album on my personal facebook. Your dad is my hero.

  13. @Ivan
    If only he pulled a banana out of his jacket.

  14. @Cofisher
    So what kind of feather was on top of your hat?

  15. You know, there's alot of WIN in this post. The guy. The fact that you got him on video for all of us to see. The trip with your ladies. The great pics. The food. Ice Cream. Spurky. Those hoppers. But then, for me - there was the sad realization that Howard thinks this is my blog now. ;)lol

  16. Hey,

    Just stumbled across your site this evening and it looks awesome! Sounds like you enjoyed your stay down here in Florida as well.

    Shame you couldn't have stopped at some of the canals along Alligator Alley. You drove right by! They're loaded with exotics and the Oscars and Mayan Cichlids are like hooking bluegill on steroids. Check out my blog for some pictures of what you missed ;)