June 4, 2011

A Trip To Nature's Nursery

As you may have seen on Facebook...I decided to go fishing immediately after work last night.  K.C. & Lilly were going to be at a birthday party for one of Lilly's friends, so a nice little 2 or 3 hour window had presented itself. No tenkara, just fly fishing.

Well when I got to fishing...the babies were out in force.  What do I mean?

First, I was wading around some rocks...and I almost stepped on a baby duck.  I suppose this little duckling got separated from it's mom...because there were no other ducks in sight.  He was just chillin' next to the rock, swimming circles around it, even at times hopping on top to take a breather.  I was going to "help" him out, but he seemed okay, so after about 5 or 10 minutes of hanging out with Donald Jr., I went on my way...
Go find your Mom!

...and prompty ran into another baby...but this time on the end of my line!
It's like a trout, but miniature...

Now kids are fun and all, but I needed to start finding parents...or at least older brothers or sisters...luckily, it didn't take too long...
Nice colors

Last fish of day, at dusk

A nice way to unwind after a hectic work week.


  1. Sweet shot on the duckling! Starting to see fawns around here. Nice job on the fishies, too, I should say. Glad to see you maximized your window of opportunity. Take care!

  2. The little ones are fun too. Easy to catch for an "old man".


  3. The colors that are starting to show on that first brown, wow. He's going to be a beauty in a year or so.
    Nice trout.

  4. Good luck duck. He'll need it I fear.

  5. @Casey
    Thanks for stopping by Casey. Yes, spring has finally sprung, little ones are abound!

  6. @Brk Trt
    As long as it doesn't become a meal for something else, I agree. Valley turns out some pretty fish.

  7. @Cofisher
    Thanks...I specialize in sub 3" trout.

  8. @Gary Thompson
    Yeah, I was really torn on what to do with him. He wasn't struggling, but clearly lost. I didn't see his Mom anywhere. If I did I would have used my landing net to scoop him up and reunite them. I hope he found her.