June 6, 2011

Time To Name The Fish - Your Vote Counts!

Okay...the votes are in and Lilly has picked the finalists in the name the header trout contest.  I made sure to read them off to her with the same monotone delivery, as not to influence her choices.

So here are the final 6, along with the person that submitted them.

  • Spurky - Spurky
  • Macho Man - K.C. (she was not in the room during selection)
  • General Midgeslurper - Owl
  • Sweet Georgia Brown - Owl
  • Glitterpony Sweetcream - Owl  (this is getting redundant...)
  • Tremendous Terrence the Terrific Trout - Das Teckelfrau

I'm actually going to make it a Magnificent Seven by adding "Steve" to the list (submitted by gfen) as a wild card thanks to his excellent explanation and the fact that I "cannot fight the Steveness."

So go ahead and vote on that widget over at the upper right of the page.  The winning name not only gets forever associated with the wisecracking brownie, but will score the author a prize still undetermined...

Get your votes in early and often, the vote will end end of day, Saturday, June 11th.

Note:  "Fartsy the Fish" got the biggest reaction in the form of a ton of uncontrollable giggles, but Lilly didn't want it to be the trout's name because, "ewwww, that's stinky." Despite that...what the heck, I'll add it as the 8th seed in this tourney anyway...so lets make the field 8.


  1. oooh, dern. Do you have to be a follower or something for the votes to register? I've got an army of facebook friends trying to make sure you get stuck with Glitterpony Sweetcream, but their votes aren't showing up! That's what I get for (semi)cheating I guess. :) lol

    Lilly is, like, totally rad man. ( It's 80's week. Yes. All week. )

  2. @owl

    Beats me? But then nothing would surprise me with Blogger. Seems like it's working for some folks...19 votes so far.

    BTW - I don't mind Glitterpony Sweetcream.

  3. Sure....sure you don't. I'm buying that. Anyone else? ;)

  4. I'm confused by Lilly's reaction to Fartsy the Fish....my farts don't stink.

  5. If Steve loses, it better be to Glitterpony Sweetcream. Just sayin'.