June 10, 2011

Nibbles...the Addendum

In lieu of a coherent, well thought out post, (as if those ever happen around here), I'm going to toss out some more quick hits...or as they're known on Wednesdays...nibbles.

First off...wanted to thank Christian from The Tailing Loop for running a top notch raffle a few weeks ago to benefit Project Healing Waters.  I bought a few raffle tix and ended up winning one of the great prizes - a waterproof fly box from Allen stuffed full with flies from Dustin from Dustin's Fly Box (among others).  
This box is double sided, so this is only one half of the haul

More important than the swag, the raffle raised $220 for a deserving organization.  Kudos to Christian and the others that contributed towards & participated in the raffle.

How about those Mavs?
Dirk - focused on a title

There's a pretty nice Japanese tenkara rod on eBay right now.  It's a Sakura Seki Rei (just like the one I fished in THIS POST)...could even be the very same rod.  As you all know, quality equipment ain't cheap - so if the price remains at around $180 (as it was at the time of writing), this thing is going to be a STEAL for someone!
Seki Rei Sweetness

Need to get your Pops something for Father's day?  Does he fish?  Here's two options from F.A. Seeds' sent me via email yesterday.  Kinda old school.  Don't say I never helped you with anything.
Fly Fisherman's Creel - $19.95
Includes Bug Repellent, Lubricant, Floatant, & Line Cleaner
Sport Fisherman's Tackle Box - $19.95
Includes Bug Repellent, Fish Attractant, Reel Oil, & Leather Conditioner
There's actually a whole bunch of "kits," no matter what his (or your) interest is.

Finally, on the "Name the Fish" front, Das Teckelfrau has started a Facebook campaign for T4 (or is it T5?) and subsequently has taken a nice sized lead on Glitterpony Sweetcream and the rest of the field.  
"egregiously unimportant"...anyone speak German?

Time's running out to vote, so if your favorite moniker is losing, go recruit some friends to "make a difference."


  1. Go Mavs. WOw thats a sweet score with the fly box and flies. Great cause to. Congrats.

  2. Very nice goods. I just stumbled upon a good rod deal myself from a company I'd never heard of before. I might be making a purchase pretty soon.

    Dirk is crazy.

  3. is that Mr Belvedere up there?

  4. I was going to ask that same thing nash. Glad you got the box and like it :)

  5. @Trout Magee
    Thanks. The raffle was for a good cause, well worth it!

  6. @Dustin's Fly Box
    The flies are awesome...may need some recipes.