June 29, 2011

New Boots...Finally

No Wednesday Nibbles today.  Sorry, just didn't have enough randomness flowing through the email and social media circuit that hasn't been touched on already by somebody else.  I mean I could write about that damn "The ONE" rod, but I mean that's already been overexposed by bloggers quite a bit.

I did (finally) get my new wading boots in the mail yesterday.  You may remember THIS POST when I originally posed the question of what to buy and got a ton of good feedback.  You may also remember THIS POST, where I decided on getting a pair of Korkers that my local shop didn't have.  I ended up ordering them online since the retailer said they had them "in stock"...and e-commerce usually means no sales tax and free shipping.

Well it turns out they didn't.  They were just taking backorders.  Korkers hadn't even shipped the retailer's pre-season order yet.  Sounds like things are awry over at Korkers.  So after waiting like 2 or 3 weeks with them on backorder (and my PayPal account drained), I finally cancelled the order to get a refund and get something else.

I ended up getting a pair of the new Gray Ghosts from L.L. Bean.  I really don't know why, none of you guys recommended them...could just be because I like the way they looked. I'm stupid that way.  L.L. Bean also has a pretty customer-centric return policy, so if they totally fall apart, at least I feel good about having some recourse.

New boots.   Needed to bring in a friend to get rid of the New England accent that came with them.

Maybe I'll christen them this weekend and put the sticky rubber to the test, maybe not.  Most likely not since I'm gonna be rollin' thick with Lilly, but you never know.


  1. Pretty sweet looking boots. Look forward to hearing how they work out. I need a rubber soled pair for fishing steel in Erie. Word of advise, felt + slippery shale = America's Funniest Home video 10k winner.

  2. Those boots look the cats meow to me. If you cant make it out this weekend let me know. I would be happy to test those out for you! ;) Tight LInes.

  3. They look good.
    I will be waiting for a field report.

    LL Bean, quality that's backed to the hilt.

    Wally is awesome.

  4. Well, I was going to say something witty, but, TM stole my line. Hope they get wet soon and your thoroughly enjoy your time on the water.

  5. you have the prettiest feet in the stream t-rage. don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  6. IVAN - LOL. hahaha.

    OK, now down to business. First off, I didn't see you asking somehow (which is odd since I apparently have what some have described as a "man crush" on you), but I'd have told you to check out the Chota line. Chota is a manufacturer in TN that makes a pretty decent boot...and a really awesome boot once you consider the price.

    As for "The One" everyone knows There's Only One and it's called "JEEP." Or something like that.

    PS - you get 10000 bonus points for rockin' the old skool Mtn. Dew can! ( and it's a European Travel bag! )

  7. @Anthony
    I can just see that now. Luckily I fish alone, no AFHVs will be taken.

  8. @Brk Trt
    Yes, I've been very pleased with my other LL purchases, figured why not give it a shot.

  9. @Mel
    Thanks for the comment. They'll get wet soon enough...even if I need to wear them in the bathtub.

  10. @Owl
    You've mentioned Chotas to me before. They actually had them in the local store that didn't have the Korkers in stock. They were nice...just a bit heavy IMHO. If anything, these LLs are pretty light.

    My bad...European Travel bag...