June 25, 2011

Need Me Some (Gee)Crack

I'm a manpurse junkie.  I admit it.  I enjoy fishing with shoulder bags rather than fishing vests, chest packs, backpacks, or (gasp) fanny/hip packs.  One of the most popular posts on this blog right now (see list to right), is a review for a "$20 Tenkara Bag" I bought at Eddie Bauer a year or so ago.

Anyway, scouring the internet (as I do) I came across what would probably supplant the Eddie Bauer model, should I ever get my grubby hands on one.  It's the Geecrack Shoulder Bag Mini.  Geecrack?  Yeah, Geecrack.

This little bag appears to be pretty darn sweet...kinda like the Orvis Safe Passage sling...but much cooler.  I mean it comes in a rainbow of obnoxious colors such as orange, pink, neon green, purple, and what I'll call fashion camo in addition to the ho-hum standards like black, khaki, etc...
Your manliness is no match for the Geecrack Pink fishing bag

I've always appreciated how the Japanese aren't afraid to interject some fashion forward thinking into their fishing gear.  Here's another example different manufacturer, but may make this a little more clear...Daiwa's U.S. line is pretty slick, but their Japanese line goes to the next level.  Want proof - THIS is what Daiwa's U.S. travel rod looks like.  THIS is what it looks like in Japan.  Ever here of A Fishing Ape?  You think THIS would fly in the U.S.?  (They make a pretty pimp lookin' tenkara rod too).

Anyway...so back to the Geecrack bag...It's got all kinds of compartments, pockets, pouches, you name it.  Check the video.  Yeah, it ain't in English, and the music sounds like something from a 70's blaxploitation movie, but who cares.  Me thinks there's plenty of room for fly boxes, tippet spools, cameras, pretty much anything you'd need, including most importantly, lunch.

MSRP is 4,410 Yen which is about $55 U.S.  I've found some on eBay, but with outrageous shipping costs.  Oh well...for now...


  1. Ya know, as one of the things I had to have for my "dream trip" ( read: we charged it. - something we NEVER do anymore) I ordered a new Simms sling. It's insides are ...hmmm....sparse.....but it's Simms so I expect to have it for years and years. I think it was about $69 from Cabela's. It doesn't have all the cool little outside pockets that this thing does though - and you can only get it in one color. kinda gray. that's a color, right? :)

  2. Not exactly what i thought this one was going to be about :0

    I'm more of a chest pack kinda guy when it come to fly fishing. Small, room enough for just the essentials

  3. I'd of lost money betting you were a vest man. Who'd a thunk it?