Just Wasn't Feelin' It

Yesterday was an odd day.  Knowing a morning of fishing lie ahead, I was pretty excited while loading up my gear in the back of the Subaru, chomping down a granola bar on the drive to the creek, and didn't even mind the fact that when I got there, there were already two other cars in the small parking lot with fellow anglers pulling on waders.

See, I hadn't been trout fishing in a few weeks.  June 3rd to be exact.  Instead I've spent weekends traveling for work or away on vacation (which I'm certainly not complaining about.  I also know that I won't be going trout fishing next weekend either.  K.C. is going to visit a friend for 4th of July...actually, you all somewhat know this person, Das Teckelfrau...in St. Louis.  So it'll be Dad & Lilly all long weekend.  Just like last year.  We might do some fishing...but definitely not trout fishing. 

So waders on, tenkara rod in hand, I headed down to the creek.  But when I got there a strange thing happened.  Something I'm not sure I can say has happened before.  I just wasn't into it.  That's right...just wasn't working for me.  And I wasn't skunked either, I had caught a few brownies and had a few more hits that had I been paying more attention, a proper hookset would have landed.

I thought perhaps it was the tenkara fishing that was putting a drag on things.  You know...maybe a week of fly fishing in Florida with a fly rod & reel did this to me.  My own vanity (thinking someone might actually care about this development) actually took the time to tweet my next course of action.

After a short hike back to the SUV, the strung up Redington Classic Trout now in hand...I headed back to the water.  But for whatever the reason, things didn't change.  I kept telling myself I wanted to be there...I'm Troutrageous! after all...but my body wasn't acting like it.  I picked up another fish, but didn't take the typical snapshot.  Actually, I didn't take a single picture...of ANYTHING...today.

So what does this mean?  Beats me.  Maybe I'm just burnt out.  Maybe a change of scenery is in order.  Maybe it was because the water level was so darn low because we haven't had a good rain in a while.  Maybe I just need to invest in that carp rod after seeing all those pics and videos from the rest of you guys.  
The list of maybes could continue if I let it, but why bother.  I'm sure it's just a one day funk.  We all have them, and since I don't do a lot of "Dear Diary" style posts, thought I'd share mine.


  1. I feel for you Mike, as this happens to me a lot. I'm sure it will pass. Let's hope it doesn't last long!

  2. Sometimes you just need that clicking of a fly reel, that need to cast long, to hear a fish peel line off line and know you need to bring it all back. We've all been there.

  3. I would say it’s time for a change up. Step away from the creek and explore a new angle of fishing that will bring that excitement back. Just getting out there is half the battle. Beyond that…there is always shuffleboard I guess.

  4. I recently hit the same wall, helped along a bit by our annual snow runoff. I turned my attention to warm water. Crazy new flies, way different equipment, much different pull, and even a hint of danger re-familiarizing myself with tying gel spun leaders (cut myself snugging down my first couple of splices). Put that tinker toy away for a while and tighten up your drag. Loyalty is for marriages!

  5. I hope you break the funk soon. Last thing I want is to hop on here and see you talking about your new-found love for Macrime.

  6. I hate when that happens. When I get home a bit early, first words from my wife... Are you all right?

    I don't know.

    A 10 pound carp on a 4 wt. rod may not change the mood, but it will keep you busy for a half hour.

  7. This is some scary sh*t, Mike. Are we approaching the "End of Days", Armageddon, The Rapture(http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/outreach/tracts/may21/)??

    Lord save us all! Suck it up and pick up that fly rod and keep these thoughts to yourself in the future ;-).

  8. Michael
    Find a lake and tie into some smallmouth, or evne a monster brown. I must say I have never been there with that feeling. I know some mornings when I get up at 4:30 to leave on my fishing trips I could still fall back asleep--but when I tie into that first fish it makes it all worth the effort of getting out there. Something tells me you may have had something else on your mind, which you could not shake. Hang in there it will all come back.

  9. Go out and fish a lake until you've A- Caught every fish in the whole goddamn lake, or B- Gotten sick enough of warm water that trout are fun again. I had to do that a few weeks ago, and it only took three days of carp to remember how much fun (and not slimy and smelly) trout are! But now, runoff is on, I have to fish lakes, and I'm bored out of my mind. Crap!

  10. Get yourself some illegal drugs and you'll be back to normal in no time.

  11. It's rare, but we all do have those days. Too much going on, too much on your mind, off day, maybe you're getting the flu. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Made for a nice post really and nice change-up from your usual. I love that Redington CT 3 weight. I broke mine a couple weeks back but just got it back, so it's time to get take it out.

  12. Maybe some "de-stress time" would help out. You have been very active both at work and at play lately. Kind of like "Jet Lag". Take a few deep breaths and let the mind settle. You will be back!

  13. well..pretty sure you'll pull through. but if you don't, please don't change your handle to carprageous...ha!

    kick your feet up, grab a beverage, and relax :-)

  14. Hey Mike. Wanna go offshore? Yellowfin bite is on. Whole different nature jollies out there. Buddies saw a whale shark last week. Huge different change of scenery. Cost about $200 though. Creek fishing seems free compared.

  15. Mike,

    I had the same thing happen a couple of years ago. In my case, I started splitting what little time I had between stream fishing for trout and kayak fishing for panfish and bass. Worked like a charm.

    I'd still like to get together sometime before the year ends and fish together.


  16. PS I have felt the same way. My wife and 3 young daughters (God help me) just left for Florida for 2 weeks. Gonna slip out on my local golf course and snag my first carp tonight. Hopefully. Bastards have been spitting on me every time so far but I just tied up something delicious looking for them. Also friends with Ray and Mr Foley of the Berwyn hatchery. Good friends of the SCA. Offshore is the cure.

  17. WELLLLL, am waiting for you to come on down once and fishy up here mikey.

  18. First - Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm sure it will pass...I'm just going to chill for the next week or so. Stoke that small spark I have to get back out there into a roaring flame.

    Tons of great advice...some of which I'll reply to directly below.

  19. @Casey
    I actually thought of you when I wrote this. I thought to myself "this seems like a Wandering Owl type of post." Thanks for the well wishes, here and on Twitter.

  20. @Coloradocasters
    Nah, no shuffleboard...but Anthony might be on to something in his comment...

  21. @deanwo
    No armageddon. I just need to stop being a p*ssy.

  22. @Clif
    I've found another guilty pleasure...

  23. @Leigh
    Yes, let's fish together...after all the early July nonsense settles down. I'll come up or you come down. Will send you an email after the 4th and let's get this done.

  24. @hawkbird
    Thanks for popping by and commenting Hawkbird. Does the golf course count as offshore? I live between two of em.

  25. @spurky
    Another fishing outing I still need to cash in. Again, after the 4th and let's do it Spurky. Have some new wading boots on the way screaming for a wet wade.

  26. dude,lets do a thursday,found some sweeeeeeeeet holes that they are laying in,waiting and shaking in thier skin,just waiting for T1. was hoping this thursday,but oh well. just let me know,off thurs-saturday.spin fishing only,no room for de fly rod

  27. First things first: Don't panic and don't worry. It's apparently totally normal. After we lost my Dad I didn't fish for almost a year. I just didn't care about it anymore. Even before we lost Dad, I wasn't fishing as much as I used to. One year, I only fly fished three times.
    Then, at some point...I got my groove back. I decided to try tenkara and this thing called "blogging." I fished for bass and bluegills with the new rod. It was different. Funky. Fun, even.

    I think you may have to just expand your fishing a bit. Everyone has a favorite stream they love...but sometimes you just need something new to spark that love of fishing again! And then, when you revisit that old friend...it's sweeter than ever! :)

    You'll be alright. You're Troutrageous! :)


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