June 7, 2011

I'll Play Along With The '80s Thing...

It's '80s week...or so I hear. I'll do my part with an '80s inspired post, if for no other reason to post this picture.
My step-brother had this poster hanging in his bedroom.
I had Ewoks.

So let's get one thing clear. I was 3 in 1980 and 12 in 1989...while these were some very formative years, I was also on the young side...so I did not partake in a lot pop-culture crazes...even though I remember having a few pair of deely-bobbers, memorizing the lyrics of Thriller, and watching Live Aid all day on TV.

Instead, I basically wore whatever my Mom bought for me, which for the first half of the decade was mainly Garanimals.
Philadelphia Zoo, 1980

Unfortunately, I really couldn't find a lot of pictures of me in all of my 80s glory.  But I did dig these out...starting with my 5th birthday cake circa 1982.  Yee haw!
Suck it Boss Hogg

But as I got older, and dorkier, my tastes continued to evolve.  We played Atari (and then ColecoVision) all the time, seem to remember collecting Smurfs, loved me everything Star Wars, and had an affinity for action-TV such as Knight Rider, Airwolf, A-Team, & Double Dare (c'mon...Physical Challenge!).   Yeah Tubbs had nothin' on me.
Could not have rocked larger Sally Jessy-Raphael eyeglasses

In the beginning of the decade, my favorite athlete was Pete Rose...
Nice batting stance...I BET it worked well...

...and by the end it was Charles Barkley...
Like Chuck, I am not a role model.

...but the whole time I only wanted Michael Jordan's shoes.

I couldn't find any pictures of me fishing in the 1980s...likely because I didn't.  But I did get to meet George the Elder & the hot chick in the red blazer...all while rockin' the box top fade.  (Yeah, that was probably '91, but so what)...
That girl is Poison!


  1. RAD, man. TOTALLY GNARLY! :) Bill and Ted, and uncle owl ( uncle?) would be proud. I fished with "The Tailing Loop" guy on Saturday. I realized not long after meeting him that I was making refrences to tv shows he'd probably never heard of. Like, the Waltons. Anyway, you made a very nice looking fellow. That last shot looks like something out of Revenge of the Nerds 7: Nerds Go Political.

    How as George's handshake? Limp, I bet. hmm. ick.

  2. Wicked. Much like you, I was not able to appreciate in full all the 80's have to offer. However, I do remember rocking jelly shoes.


  3. You must admit though, the GOONIES rocked the 80's! (and still do in my opinion, just don't tell anyone...shhhh)

  4. @Jim the angry Cabbage Patch
    It was actually quite stiff. Might have got a paper cut.

  5. @Stephanie and Dustin
    I seem to remember the hot girls wore jellies & slap bracelets.

  6. those hippos were the best. I remember playing on them in my acid wash jean shorts that remained on my body because of the elastic waist.