June 27, 2011

Following Doctor's Orders

So I'm getting out of my funk.  Yeah, the one I whined about yesterday.  Haven't gone fishing yet, but thanks to the family, I've found some mood swinging medication.

Yesterday, Lilly & I went to the Phillies game.  It was her first real Philadelphia Phillies game (we took her to one as a baby) and the Double A Reading Phillies don't count.  She had an awesome time even though she looked for the Phanatic all game instead of watching Roy Halladay continue pitching like a beast.  A dose of big smiles like this make you feel a lot better almost immediately.

The rest of the therapy actually took place the day prior, almost immediately after I got home from fishing.  All dejected and out of it...I took my shower, came downstairs, and Dr. K.C. made me take a strong dose of medication to clear my head....(no, not what you're thinking)....in the form of stupid 80s comedy, aka "Back To School" starring none other than Rodney Dangerfield.

A couple of armpit farts, a little Oingo Boingo cameo, and of course one Triple Lindy...and I'm feeling a lot better.  But that's only the beginning of my recovery.

Dr. K.C.'s job today is scour Netflix or run to the Best Buy $5 DVD section, today's prescription is for some Summer School.  Yeah, I'll be fishing again in no time.


  1. I LOVED Summer School. The guy who sleeps through class b/c he's a stripper, Courtney Thorne Smith before she was married to Jim, Kirsty Alley before she started eating, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Enjoy!!

  2. I don't know much the "triple lindy" won't cure...glad to see you're almost back!

  3. Hang in there Mike. Sanders is right, there isn't much a triple Lindy won't cure.

  4. I really feel dumb not knowing what a triple lindy is??

  5. Baseball is always a good fix! I can see it on LILLY's face...More games Dad! Heehee

  6. glad you are coming out of the ze funk. nothing like another gem from Big Roy. How about that two-hit gem from Cliff tonight?