June 23, 2011

Congratulations Are In Order

Occasional Troutrageous! guest poster "Spurky" dropped me a note yesterday to let me know he's been added to the YakDaddy Pro Staff.  You might remember (or not) that his first guest post was an informal review of the YakDaddy, so I guess in a way this is coming full circle.

Image from www.yakdaddy.net

You'll notice in the pic pulled from the YakDaddy website above, Spurky was selected because he was the first customer to use the product in an Emotion Fisherman Pro, and helped develop the compatible mounting hardware.  Pretty cool to see a manufacturer using actual everyday customers as testers.

If there's anyone who is more deserving of this honor, I don't know 'em.  Spurky is a genuine good guy and I'm sure will be a great ambassador for YakDaddy.  Who knows...maybe he might even have time to drop in here every now and then...

Congrats & good luck Spurky!

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