Build It! Duct Tape Kayak

New fishing ride for under $50?  Badass.

Not me.
Don't forget the paddles either.

For the full build details, check out hyroc346's Instructable HERE.


  1. That rocks, I'm actually considering doing that just to be able to say say "Hey, i've got a duct tape yak!"

  2. That's kind of impressive...

  3. very cool but ill leave it to you to test it out

  4. reminds me a float plane trip I took out of canada...

    ...and as the pilot applied the last little bit of duct tape to a breezy opening between the windshield and the cockpit, the pilot turned back to us and said' "if you can't duct it...F*** it"

  5. Wow. A 3 hour tour... a 3 hour toouuur. For all the work put into the boat the paddle looks a little half assed. No?

  6. First time I've seen duct tape create a leak rather than fix it.

  7. @hawkbird
    Agreed. Definitely the lamest part of the build.

  8. Freeking great! and to sanders, I've said that exact same thing more than once when I use to work as a flight instructor. Hilarious!


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