June 30, 2011

B = Boring. Update Your Favicons Already!

Favicon?  That's one of the bad guy robots from Transformers 3 right?

Is it bad that I've never seen Transformers 1 or 2?

Not quite, it's actually the little icon that shows up shows up in your browser tab, bookmark, or RSS code to represent your blog.

For example my favicon (the black & white T!) shows up in a browser tab like this...

or as a bookmark like this...

and even in many of your dynamic blogrolls like this...

Example blogroll taken from
Fine Water Fly Fishing

Now all you WordPress folks have had custom favicons for quite a while, but Blogger unleashed them on us earlier this month through the "Blogger In Draft" interface.  Don't know what that is....yeesh...what am I gonna do with you...

Anyway, I was going to keep quiet on this, figuring you'd all eventually pick it up, but looking at my blogroll, the swarm of little Blogger "B"s unfortunately remain, and no fun little pictures have taken their place.

Where's the individuality?

So the link to the tutorial is HERE.  Get to gettin' Blogger bloggers.

I want my browser tabs & blogroll to start looking like a cracked open box of fishing-themed Lucky Charms rejects spilled all over my webpage...blue flies, purple reels, green vises, yellow waders...you get the point.

You can do it...I've got confidence in ya.


  1. I love it! You are Mr. HELPFUL! Yes...it is time to get those "bloggers" up to snuff! Darn sloths! Lol

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have changed mine 5 times now and it still is not working :-(

  3. i did it manually a while back, but apparently it does not take on others blogrolls. it will be changed. excitement on the way.

  4. @Ivan
    I had done the prior hack myself and was pleased to see this version works in the blogrolls too.

  5. Oh my...looks like the leprechauns are at work... noticed Fish Tales & Fish Tails, TFM, and The African Fly Angler all seem to have new favicons over there in my blogroll...

  6. Awesome. Thanks for the tip! Now I need to come up with something unique and witty to put as my icon :)

  7. Headed over right now! Thanks for the tip. Tight Lines!

  8. MMM. is it a magic button that only other people can see? I still cant see it, even on my name in your blogroll? Did it disappear again?

  9. thanks for the tutorial, just dont think that blogger has caught up with my changes

  10. @The African Fly Angler
    Nope. It's still there. And I verified it's existence on Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer.

    Try clearing your cache in whatever browser you're using, then it might work???

    If not, then I blame it on the fact that you're like a half day ahead of us and Google's servers out in California just haven't caught up to South Africa time yet!

  11. @blake
    Yeah, I don't see your change either. You must be on the blacklist.

  12. just got it! took a few hours but im now a self proclaimed superstar. thanks for the tutorial

  13. Great tip. Heck, you even used our blog roll in the post. Thanks!