Whisky River - Charlotte, NC

Consider this my first mobile post under the influence. There's some "Real Housewife" here too with that Slade dude...for all my female readers.  Enjoy...or not...


  1. And here I thought you discovered a river flowing with Whiskey:) I had my shot glass packed and ready to go....

  2. Ha! I had the same thought. I must be reading under the influence.

  3. Ha! I had titled it to resemble a fishing report...but the only thing I was catching came in bottle form. Mark Sanchez from the NY Jets was there too if you're into the celebrity thing...I would have been more impressed to see Owl Jones.

  4. Dude, You were in Charlotte?! You need to let me know when you are in the Carolinas and I'll out you on some bass... or at least a better bar.

  5. Don't title it like a fishing report. Go fishing and get one!

  6. @Mike - This was a business trip, not a leisure trip. Even the night at WR was a "work function" so had little choice - even though there's a lot of choices in the Epicenter, I kinda liked Dixies down on 7th.

    @Mark - In due time brotha, maybe even tomorrow to celebrate Saturday's non-apocolypse.


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