May 18, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Stuff Other Bloggers Are Doing Edition

This week's Wednesday Nibbles is brought to you by the varied activities of other bloggers.  Because "shout out" posts are always much more fun to write than my normal drivel. No blog discoveries here, just some current events to catch you up if you've been doing productive things other than reading blogs.  Now where to begin...

I think pretty much all of you are in the loop, but Blog Cabin Angler Mel is now Ass Backwards Angler Mel.  Plus he's moved from Blogger to WordPress.  Now don't be surprised by this development, as Mel's done this packin' up and moving thing before.  Hopefully our favorite transient has finally found a home.
Couldn't waste the opportunity to re-post this pic

Need your fill of everything Peoria has to offer?  Clif at Lunker Hunt is now on Twitter.  @lunkerhunt.  It's only a matter of time before he gets his first follow request from "interested" women with shockingly attractive body parts.  Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.
One of my "groupies"

Speaking of Twitter, Ben G. of Ben G. Outdoors & Abnormal Outdoors fame got a new job.  Yeah, he's evidently now the Social Media guru over at the North American Hunting Club.  You can follow him @nahuntingclub.

Pretty cool right...I mean he gets paid to goof around on Twitter all day...I'm sure among other important things like posting Facebook updates and whatever the heck you do over at Digg & StumbleUpon.  Congrats Ben!
One of my other groupies

Hmmm...what else...  Howard created quite a stir with THIS post.  RD finally closed out the story on her Southern adventure with Owl HERE.  Matt evidently is the one who broke Blogger.  Shoreman's suffering through a crappy week that unfortunately included friends moving on and May snowstorms.  Yes, I said May snowstorms.  Both Rick at Whitetail Woods & Albert at The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles highlighted a new blogger who gave everything up to learn how to make guns HERE.  I only point this out because making rifles is clearly cooler than your job.  Sorry...
So're gonna tell me you tie flies?

And last but not least, received a gift from Rob at A Bad Backcast Fishing yesterday.  By chance I had won a Twitter contest of his which scored a box of flies for the salt.  Like flies for tarpon, bonefish, redfish and stuff like that.  You're probably thinking "huh, you're a tenkara pansy?!?"  Yeah, it was definitely more of a "right place at the right time" accidental victory.  That said, thank you Rob for giving me a reason to head back down to the Keys.
Soooooo meaty


  1. Good Morning, Mike. Well, you did it again! As always, thanks for keeping all of our blogging friends up to date on my rambling blog journey. You have been there from the beginning and should get frequent flyer miles keeping up with me. Oh, nice to see the picture again. "The Bird says, Gwampa that looks like you." Funny stuff!

  2. I eagerly await my first interested woman

  3. So when are you going to be slinging flies in the Keys?

    Thanks for the blogger update; I needed since I have been out of the loop for the last week or so!


  4. Well, after technical difficulties with the computer...I am back on schedule. Peoria will never be the same, I'm afraid, with tweets from Clif!! And maybe he will even take up soccer...

  5. I see a 8 or 10 weight in your future with all of this carp and saltwater talk you have been spouting recently. nice looking flies from Rob.