May 25, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Macho Man Edition

This is not a fishing post. As much as I enjoy fishing, as a kid, I enjoyed wresting 100x more. Sure, all the matches were fake and we later found most the wrestlers 'roided up, but to this pre-teen, Saturday mornings might as well have been holidays...and don't even get me started on "Saturday Night's Main Event."

I vividly recall not only watching hour after hour of WWF programming on the weekends, but also wearing out the laminated membership card by renting VHS tape after tape from the video store. Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine...yeah, I had just about every copy from 1985-1992. I collected all the rubber action figures and my grandfather even crafted a "ring", complete with ropes and turnbuckles for me to play with. (Thanks Grandpop!)

So with the recent passing of one of the greats, I dedicate this Wednesday Nibbles to the incomparable "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

Yes I was/am a dork - as a little kid, Hulk Hogan may have been my first favorite...
Unfortunate picture of yours truly rockin' the Hulkamania tee (& bowl cut) while flexing in the back alley

...but as I grew a little I quickly realized "Macho Man" was where it was at.

I mean, who was as devastatingly high flying as Macho Man...

or flowed rhyme like Macho Man...

...or did interviews like Macho Man...

...or had better taste in ladies than Macho Man...

...or sold dried meat sticks like Macho Man...

Nobody, that's who.

With "Macho Man" once again strutting down the aisle with Miss Elizabeth on his arm toward the big squared circle in the sky, I can think of nothing more appropriate to close.

Well, almost nothing...

Ohhhhh Yeaaaaaaah!


  1. Bravo! I heard that the end of the world didn't happen because Macho Man went up to fight Jesus to save the world(and yes, I seriously heard that.) Thank you Macho Man!

  2. @Anthony
    I had heard the can only hope it's true.

  3. One of my go to wrestlers on Nintendo WWF. (using my solemn, respectful voice)..Oh yeah.. Oh.. yeah.

  4. OOOOOHhhhhhhhhh Yahhhhhhhhhhh Macho Man Randy Savage Oh yah. Step into a Slim Jim. I can't believe he died. That sucks. I also used to watch a lot of WWF with my Grandpa, and even my GReat Grandpa loved it. The battles between him and the Hulk. Priceless. That pic of you representing The Hulk tshirt. Priceless. Gonna miss him. Just poured out a little liquor.....

  5. @d. nash
    I hope that was the NES version...with the powerups that bounced along the back rope. Macho's were a pair of sunglasses. I used to use him to kick Honky Tonk Man's ass.

  6. @Trout Magee
    Yeah man, good memories...good times. Oh. Yeah.

  7. I had a friend who's dad used to make him play Macho Man's theme song on the piano (i think pomp and circumstance) every morning as he would walk down the stairs in his robe...the dad would put his right arm in the air with his index finger pointed to the sky while his left hand held his belt....ooooooHhhhhhhh Yaaaahhhhhhh!