May 4, 2011

Wednesday Nibbles - Hint Dropping Edition

Wednesday Nibbles.  Let's get this over with.

Saw this interesting UL spinning rod in a Cabela's mailer that came to the house this week.  There's no cork on the rod, thus providing extra sensitivity.  Whoever at Norseman Outdoors, the makers of this ESP Series rod, thought up that particular "feature/benefit" sure knows how a guy's mind works.

Anyway, it's a pretty interesting rod, and relatively inexpensive too, one I'd like to try in the 5'6" version (hint-hint Norseman Outdoors or Cabela's social media eyes-in-the-sky).  Maybe I'll spring for one and see how it compares to my trusty BPS Micro Lite graphite rod.  Or maybe not...
So sensitive...

Here's a video I found yesterday.  It's a conversation between a dog and its owner.  I don't usually go for videos like this unless the animal is wiping out and taking a header, but I kinda liked this one.  Dogs evidently love bacon (I mean who doesn't), and also evidently don't like cats either (I knew there was a reason I liked dogs).

In tenkara news, c'mon, did you think I'd forget about it this week...there's two things going on.  First a Tenkara Summit (hosted by Tenkara USA) is coming up in late August in West Yellowstone, MT.  A whole bunch of tenkara-ites will be there likely explaining why Owl Jones should like tenkara.

Raffle you say? Fingers crossed for Bingo too!

Now a I go to this, or the OBN Rendezvous which is also in August?  Decisions, decisions.  This tenkara one already has a specific location, hotel, etc...picked out.  I could actually make reservations now if I so chose.  The OBN Rendezvous, well...not so much...(, I'm dropping hints like crazy today).

So did we tell you about the suspected scamming in the scavenger hunt held here the past few weeks?  Yeah, I kind of made a somewhat veiled reference to it on Friday, but today I'll just come out an say it...we have reason to believe somebody entered like a jillion times by opening a ton of free email accounts.  Can't prove it, but contests will likely be held in a different fashion moving forward.  I actually don't really care, if somebody wants to work that hard for a $50 Cabela's GC, man, they can have it.
The last time you'll see this picture, I promise!

Oh yeah, and those $40 HD spy camera sunglasses arrived straight outta China today.  I'll give you some more on that later.  Here's a sneak peek of me in my basement lair writing this very blog post.  Doesn't get more exciting than this.

To wrap it up, blog love.  Have been kinda fond of what Anthony at FlyFishinado has been up to lately.  Can't exactly put my finger on it, just seem to be pickin' up what he's puttin' down.  Doesn't hurt that he's from Southeastern PA either.
That fish smoking a wet cigar?


  1. hmmm...perfect timing.

    ps - you're a nut.

  2. Wow, the spy glasses seem to work pretty well. I'm also surprised to see you editing the nibbles in the dark while wearing sunglasses.

    Get them outside soon so we can all decide if we want a pair.

  3. @Clif
    My basement is dark, but not that dark. Don't think they have a good light sensor. That said they came with like a handful of interchangable lenses, I was wearing the clear ones.

    This weekend they get an official test drive.

  4. I like Anthony's blog despite the fact that he's from PA.

  5. @Cofisher
    Ha! Funny you'd write that. There was actually a sentence to close this post along the lines of:

    "Doesn't hurt that he's from Southeastern PA either...there's too many fly fishing stoners...I mean bloggers from Colorado these days."

    True story, but my internal editor chose to get out the red marker. Not sure why.

  6. with the arrival of those glasses, maybe troutrageous will finally become tgf. frankly, I am surprised as to the apparent quality of the video. Here's to hoping they will last for multiple trips.

  7. Hey, btw - how do you DL the video? they have a memory card? I'm sure you'll tell us all about them why am I wasting time writing this? To bother you. That's all. ;) LOL

    I think if all us video-making fly fishers start wearing them, we need to put a little tape on the bridge of them, just to make 'em look super cool.
    gonna be hard to film yourself though. hmmmmm...I know...we can start carrying crash test dummies and put the glasses on them. Oh, oh, put them on a cat. that would be cool. Or on a trout. gonna need some tape. i've had a mountain dew. :)

  8. Thanks for the love!

    The trouts not smoking a cigar. Let's just say that trout grew up in San Fran in the 60's, and he now "blogs" from Colorado.

  9. Nice videos and that dog video cracks me up everytime!

  10. If those glasses play Roller Derby Queen every time I put them on I'm not buying them. It took years to get that song out of my head, and now it's back. Thanks MA, for bringing the seventies back, as if I needed a reminder.